SEO Updates December 25, 2020

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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week + Special Guest: Victor Perez

Deal of the week: Year-End SEO Holiday Sale

SEO Mad Scientist: Core Update Impact?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 68

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This week’s special guest: Victor Perez

? Core Update Complete
? Request Indexing Tool Back
And so much more!

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SEO Mad Scientist

SEO Mad Scientist

Hey Scientists, Happy Holidays!

We have a quick update today because I know you are most likely busy with your yearly festivities…

We have a ton of new tests running to go through in 2021, but today we are going to do our last review of some current tests before moving into some new tests…

First, if we look at last week’s tests, we still see no relevant movement which tells us that most “on-site” GMB content is not a major relevant signal. We also speculate that this is more of a “prominence” signal, which is why having a 100% complete profile vs not is more beneficial.

We haven’t seen any major changes in rankings or recovering rankings for our test that included removing the GMB description. So we know there is some kind of correlation but still unsure as to how. We hope to crack this code with future tests.

With that said, let’s segway into a topic that is currently being talked about all over…

The recent core update.

We of course see thousands of sites and GMB listings being we are a white label company, but we also have an EXTREMELY large number of test properties that cover a wide range of niches and types of websites.

This gives us some good insight into ongoing updates, some of the time, depending on what was impacted….

One of our “Test Sites” is Intellectual Pats. This is a lead gen site developed with an attorney that actually had quite a bit of money put into optimization and content. We mostly use the site now to see ranking impacts and test.

One major thing we noticed is prior to the update we would consistently show up for not only our brand but also a keyword that included our brand in the term. (ex. miami patent attorney Intellectual Pats)

After holding the #1 position for these terms, we now seem to fluctuate back and forth for these rankings. Partial branded terms that we used to be #1 for 100% of the time barely show at all or aren’t listed anymore. (terms like “patent attorney Miami pats”)

We find it interesting because of how well the site used to show for its “branded” terms. It could be since the brand is now considered more of a PMB post update or maybe just because the Brand Authority of the URL dropped. Since it was during an update, we believe there may have been some causation. We have observed a similar ranking patern on another site we are tracking as well. It would be difficult to catch if you aren’t tracking a wide variation of brand keyword type terms. If you are and have noticed something similar let us know in the group…

We are digging more to see if anything else “odd” has happened to our test sites since the update has rolled out, and will be back next week with anything we find. Moving into 2021 we will be exploring other GMB signals like the impact of GMB hours, GMB site vs no site, and of course, completed listing vs partially completed listing. We will let you know more about the 2021 tests next week as we start off the new year with a BANG!

See You Then & Until Next Week,

Happy Testing

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