SEO Updates February 05, 2021

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  • What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week 
  • Deal of the week: For Every $300 Spent Get a Free 1k Traffic Guest Post
  • Featured Blog Post: Keyword Science
  • Product Spotlight: Guestpost
  • Special Announcement: Scaling Your Agency Webinar March 10th
  • SEO Mad Scientist: GMB Category Updates: Did We Loose Are Rankings?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 74

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? Google: Core Web Vitals Values Won’t Differ Based On Type Of Site
? Google Launched The About This Result Snippet Feature

? Google My Business Adds Guidelines For Co-Working Spaces
? Chrome Data Added To Google Search Console Discover Performance Report
? Google May Suspend E-Commerce Sites That Change Prices On Checkout Page
? Google On the Same Link But Different Anchor Text On the Same Page

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Keyword Science – Finding The Best Anchor Text For Your Link Building

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SEO Mad Scientist

Another exciting week of tests has past and we are about to start moving into something new outside of GMB categories.

We are going to keep it to a quick update today before moving on to some new tests next week. We want to do one final update on our category rankings and see if we have improvements or fluctuations. So let us take a look at what keywords are still ranking, and what rankings we have seen struggle or disappear altogether after a category change…

As you can see our Chicago SEO Pro listing has lost some of the rankings we initially grabbed from adding certain categories to it. We have seen the same thing with some of the terms in our title loan listing but some are still showing stronger than before so it’s a question of are the rankings lost or just fluctuating?

We have reason to believe this is something we have seen before and talked about in a previous tests. The fact that our test listings have no trust, no optimization, and no off-page signals, Google does not maintain rankings for terms when it first indexes them.

We will continue to keep our eyes on these test as we move into some new GMB test results next week… Until then…

Happy Testing!

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