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Did You Miss the SEO Vault? Chaz Talks Link Building to Listings

SEO Mad Scientist ???

Hey there see you mad scientists.

Today we’re back with a quick update as we start digging into our multivariable test that we went over last week.

The first two things we were looking at testing were the impact of image hotlinking and Unicode. Since we’ve done quite a few Unicode tests we were interested in getting this one out of the way at the beginning to see if anything had changed from our previous results.

As for the hot link image test, that test can actually be broken up into two different aspects which includes the hotlinking of the image, as well as the aspect of linking back to the original post the image was used on.

More importantly if we were to do all of our images this way would we get better results all around with compounding ranking returns.

Let’s start off by looking at our unicode test which so far has shown about the same results as our previous Unicode tests.

Simply by taking the top ranking sites content and changing the Unicode and posting it to our main website the GMB is linking to, we have yet to see any major movement in about the first two weeks. 

unnamed (12)

unnamed (13)

It’s possible that this Unicode combined with the other aspects may have accounted for ranking increases, but so far as a single variable we haven’t seen much major results on a local level.

Now let’s talk about our image test.

As we said this test can be broken up into two variables so because of this we decided to do three separate tests.

One test where we simply added the image hotlink, one test where we simply linked our images to the top ranking sites,and another test where we did both (like on our original multi variable test)

Let’s give us some insight into how these different variations can affect the impact of the rankings.

It’s been just under two weeks since the first variation of this test was launched so we are going to give the other two an additional week to catch up and report at all next week.

Do you think the Unicode test will eventually show some bigger movement?

Do you think hotlinking images helped or do you think it was outbound authority links on the images that helped more?

Or is it possible that all of these things combined is what produced our initial results?

Find out next week on the SEO med scientist and don’t miss another update. Until next week…

Happy Testing! 

Episode 128

Co-Host: Bucky Helms + Sophie Allen + Mike Milas

What we discussed this week…


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✔ Google Business Profiles New Business Calls API

✔ Answered: I have a client that wants to open another location in a city about 100 miles away. What’s the best practice for keeping the same website, but still having effective SEO for the new location?

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