SEO Updates – February 24, 2023

Can AI Replace Your SEO? Find out in this week’s test..

Crazy to think we’re almost 2 months through 2022…

📍 We’re thrilled to publish our complete 2022 testing report, which includes ALL the SEO tests we conducted throughout the year. Tests include:

  • What On-Page Signals Does Google Use to Rank GBP Listings?
  • How Can You Fix GBP Listing Cannibalization?
  • How Does a GBP Listing Impact Organic Rankings?

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you’ll find practical tips to boost your visibility in local search results.

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In this week’s episode of the SEO Vault, we discussed Bing’s significant relevancy jump, thanks to Microsoft’s algorithm update. GoDaddy also made headlines, revealing a multi-year security breach that hijacked numerous customer accounts. This event highlights the importance of website security and staying vigilant.

We also discussed Microsoft’s plan to introduce ads into the Bing Chatbot experience and Google’s update to its Discover algorithm, which rewards high-quality and useful content, & other SEO news (mentioned below.)

SEO Updates & News:

> Europe’s Move Against Google Analytics Is Just the Beginning

> Google Analytics: New Features For Managing Large Data Sets

> GoDaddy says a multi-year breach hijacked customer websites and accounts.

> Google: Google Discover Impacted By Many Search Signals, Including Now The Helpful Content Update

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This Week in the Local SEO Community

🧑‍🔬 This Week On The SEO Mad Scientist 🔬

Can AI Replace Your SEO?

Welcome back to the SEO mad scientist.

As you may know, we have some citation tests in the works, but with AI being such a Hot Topic right now, we wanted to review some recent tests we ran with chatGPT.

Last month we mentioned in an update how we used AI content to gain additional rankings on our site. In the specific test, we used chatGPT to generate very specific content that we strategically placed on our site and prompted the AI exactly how to optimize (such as prompting it to mention specific entities and their relationships when writing or re-writing content)

However, we have seen quite a few people offering various problems to help generate and optimize content, some of which seem more advanced than others. We’ve seen prompts being suggested as simple as “write me an article about ‘XYZ’ that would likely appear at the top of Google search when searching for the term ABC.”

Now we assume that the AI doesn’t know Google’s algorithm, so asking it to do something like this doesn’t make much sense, but if we were to ask the AI if it understands certain aspects of the algorithm and important concepts such as EAT, it seems to have a clear understanding.

So we wondered if we simply ask the AI to implement these concepts when writing the article we are asking for, will it produce content as good as or better than our previously generated AI content?

Using this concept, we asked it to write content for our test site, targeting the term “SEO Services” and related terms.

We then updated our “strategic AI content” with our new “cut and paste AI content” and watched the results. So far, it has seemed to be performing much worse.

We also attempted this again, asking it to write an article about Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing. We wondered if it would give us something that’s even “rank-worthy” (will it even appear in the top 100). This time we put more emphasis on it implementing EAT principles. The end result was a bunch of misquotations, and low-value content, which you can see for yourself:

But did it rank at all? Not surprisingly… No

We can’t say we’re too surprised by these results, but we did want to test some of these Concepts because many AI “Prompt Experts” appear more every day. As powerful as AI may be, its outputs’ quality still depends on the person using it.

If you’ve been considering using AI, we suggest you take a look but don’t think it will be a quick fix for your content because we found out that it simply doesn’t work that way.

Join us next week, as we should have some updates on our citation tests and more exciting tests to come.

Until then, Happy Testing.

This Week on The SEO Vault
Episode 179

Hosts: Sophie Allen + Mike Milas
+ Bucky Helms

What we discussed this week…

✔️ How to use AI content tools for SEO

✔️ Google Analytic’s new features for managing large data sets

✔️ Google updating thei “Link Best Practices for Google” documentation

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