SEO Updates January 08, 2021

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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week

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SEO Mad Scientist: GMB Short Links: Do They Help SEO?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 70

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? Google Employees Start A Union: The Alphabet Workers Union
? Google Maps Calling Out Square Ad Pins As Ads
? Beware: Yocale May Be Added To Your Google Local Listing
? Google Claims Search Updates Don’t Take Company Revenue into Considerations
? Google Data Studio Can Pull Search Console News Queries
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SEO Mad Scientist

Hello Scientists!

It’s been a busy week of testing so let’s dive right into it. As you know we have been looking into GMB listing optimization tests to determine what listing signals carry weight, and how much.

In a recent description test, we added “bathroom remodeling” to a listing ranking well for plumbing terms in a small city. We did some additional terms as well to test to possibilities of ranking impact on related terms and terms that were somewhat ranking. At that point the we saw no movement from the description. This is also a listing we decided to test services again on shortly after for the “bathroom remodeling” terms. As if ending last year, still no movement from the description of service updates.

With all that, we still see our rankings holding steady, but no bathroom remodeling terms ranking. So we tested the GMB custom URL and decided to set our service/city as the URL.

As you can see we still have gained no relevance for this term.

We will continue to see if there is any movement and if none has occurred we are going to do an off-page linking test by adding a relevant URL to the GMB.

We have another GMB website test running also which we will have a full report next week.

We asked the question, “If we added a brand new service to our company that our GMB didn’t show for at all, what optimization would be required to get initial rankings?”

So far as we can see, adding it to the description and services has essentially no impact. Adding it as a category will impact rankings, but only if the category use the term itself. In our case “telemarketing service”.

See you next week with a full report on that test and an update from this week’s test.

Until then,

Happy Testing

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