SEO Updates – July 7, 2023

🔬Are press releases powerful? Find out in this week’s Mad Scientist test…

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🔬 If you’ve ever wondered How Much Press Releases Impact Rankings, you’ll enjoy our latest mad scientist test…

Our testing team published a pr on AP News, Yahoo Finance, and MarketWatch (among hundreds of other platforms) and found some interesting results…
Scroll down to see the rankings of the pr and our main site, as well as our hypothesis on what happened.

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🧑‍🔬The SEO Mad Scientist 🧪

🔬 How Much Do Press Releases Impact Rankings?

Welcome back SEO testers!

We’re starting a new test covering a highly debated topic – press releases.

The test was run using press services from Web 2.0 Ranker, specifically the AP News Brand Feature w/ Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch + Do-Follow Syndication and we added on the Add Targeted Media Outreach to 1k Journalists.

This setup gave our press release the widest reach possible.

2 days after the press release was published and syndicated we saw results…

First, we checked the keywords the Yahoo! press release was ranking for, which you can see in the screenshot below. Most of our target terms were on page 1.

We then looked at the terms and rankings for our main target site to see if there was any correlation. Sure enough, the same keywords ranking the Yahoo! PR also began to show an increase for the main target site.

We’re unsure if the ranking increases and keyword correlation was caused by the NAP or links in the press release, but we can clearly see the correlation between the PR and rankings of the target site.

Now that we know there is some impact, we’re setting up a follow-up test to dive deeper into the nitty gritty details.

What do you think caused the increase in rankings and keyword relevance? Let us know in the LCT group

Until next time, happy testing!

The SEO Mad Scientist Testing Lab

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