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SEO Mad Scientist: CTR Test Results – Our First CTR Update

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 92

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Co-Host: Sophie Allen + Mike Milas

? Web 20 Brand Updates
? Google May Automatically Add Location Extensions To Your Ads
? Google: Need Unique Content To Rank Templated Content Above The Fold
? Google: There Will Never Be Stability In The Search Results

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Hello Scientists!

Welcome back to another week. We have been hard at work testing and we think it’s finally time to start releasing some CTR tests and let you know what we have been finding.

CTR is a difficult thing to test because it’s something that can either work quickly or take a very long time and it’s not always easy to tell if it’s the CTR traffic or actions that are producing results, or possibly other factors.

A lot of marketers have vouched for CTR being a signal and many have implemented it into their strategies. We wanted to get to the bottom of its effectiveness as a standalone strategy as well as part of a bigger picture.

So we started testing first with keyword CTR…

There are many ways to perform CTR campaigns, either by targeting short tail or long tail keywords, branded terms, related terms, or a combination. The location and type of traffic are something that needs to be considered as well.

For our first test, we’re using desktop traffic, non-local, to perform our CTR campaign. Selecting a few of our top keywords, we are having those terms searched and our map navigated to, clicked on, and then the website open.

We wanted to start with something simple with as few variables as possible so we can build on top of our tests and try and get to the bottom of what really works.

You can see some of the terms that are getting traffic in Google on the GMB listing.


We’ve been running the campaigns for a few weeks now and we wanted to give some update because some of these campaigns could be running for quite some time before we see a result.

There’s also a number of variations that will have to run so over the next few weeks/months, be sure to catch the weekend update to make sure you don’t miss any of the ongoing CTR tests.

Back to our keyword targeted desktop traffic test, it’s been a few weeks already and we have seen some movement on our listing but not necessarily what we would like to see.



As you can see we haven’t really seen much of an upward movement and for some of the keywords that are related to the business name or main category, we’ve seen some possible downward movement.

We wouldn’t account any of this movement to the CTR at this point as we said it’s still early and Google’s been doing updates on its own.

But the question remains does this type of keyword CTR from desktop traffic help with rankings?

We have speculated “no” for a while now which is again why we have multiple variations of these tests running.

Will brand searches produce a result?
Using Brand Plus keyword CTR?
Do total monthly searches for your keyword affect how you have to run your CTR campaign?

These are the questions that we hope to get answers to over the next few months with the SEO mad scientist CTR tests.

Be sure to come back next week for more updates and until then as always.

Happy Testing!


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