SEO Updates – March 17, 2023

Need Ideas to Better Leverage AI…?

🍀 Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend! We hope you’re enjoying the green festivities. This week, we have exciting news to share with you regarding our SEO services.

💡 Firstly, mark your calendars for April 13th to 16th as the SEO Spring Training coming up at Scottsdale, Arizona. Our very own Chaz Edwards and Bucky Helms will be among the 20 speakers at the event! Don’t miss out on their valuable insights and expertise! Use code CE2023 for $300 off your ticket (ending soon).

🦷 New Dental SEO services will be launching next week. There are four different campaigns to fit the different needs of your dental clients:

🦷 Monthly Dental Link Building
🦷 Monthly Dental Local SEO
🦷 Monthly Dental Complete SEO
🦷 One-Time Dental Branding Campaign

Our packages are designed to treat each client uniquely and provide tailored tasks and strategies that meet their specific needs and goals. Our team’s extensive experience has enabled us to create comprehensive packages that deliver the best results for your clients.

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📈📊 We’ve also published our 2022 annual SEO testing report, which contains extensive SEO tests that show what’s working in SERPs.

If you missed our Q1 webby, you could still catch up by downloading the Q1 replay, where we showed how to achieve quick wins with audits and competitor research.

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On this week’s episode of the SEO Vault, we had a special guest, Victor Perez.

One of the main topics we discussed was using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate different kinds of content.

He emphasized that while AI can be a useful tool for content creation, it should not replace human creativity and intuition.

We also talked about some recent developments in the world of search engines and AI. DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, has entered the AI race with its new tool, DuckAssist.

This AI-powered assistant can help users find answers to their questions and perform tasks such as booking a hotel or ordering food.

We also discussed the possibility of Bing replacing its Featured Answers with Bing Chat Answers, which would use AI to provide more conversational and personalized responses to user queries.

Finally, we talked about OpenAI’s recent release of GPT-4, a powerful AI language model that is now available in ChatGPT and Bing, & other SEO news (mentioned below.).

SEO Updates & News:

OpenAI Releases GPT-4: Now Available In ChatGPT & Bing

Bing Chat Answers Might replace Bing Search Featured Answers

DuckDuckGo Enters The AI Race With DuckAssist

>March Core Update Rolling Out and will take a couple of weeks 

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We offer FREE link recommendations and a link buying guide to provide best use cases for the different types of links you need now.

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To Your Success,
Chaz and the Entire Team

How To Use Infographics For Link Building


Are you looking for a powerful way to improve engagement and gain backlinks for your website? Infographics are highly effective at simplifying complex information and conveying it in an easy-to-understand way, making them an excellent tool for technical industries like medicine, law, and technology.

Read this article to learn how to create high-quality infographics that can help you attract more links and improve your SEO.

This Week in the Local SEO Community

 🧑‍🔬Hey Scientists! 🔬

We are out gathering results from our last citation tests. We currently have inconclusive data…

Join us next week for a full update on the results (inconclusive or not)…

This Week on The SEO Vault
Episode 182

Hosts: Mike Milas + Bucky Helms
+ special guest Victor Perez

What we discussed this week…

✔️ How to use AI to generate different kinds of content

✔️ The features of OpenAI’s new GPT-4

✔️ Google’s March core update rolling out

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