SEO Updates – March 22, 2024

First, our SEO test library launched, including pretty much every test we’ve ever conducted. Explore recent tests to get insight for better SEO campaigns, and even submit your own ideas.

Our Spring SEO Sale kicks off on Thursday with daily deals to brighten each day.

🔬 SEO Mad Scientist 🔬

Welcome back, scientists!

Approximately 45 days after we last reviewed our custom signals test…

Previously dormant terms were now moving into the top rankings!

Even better, we identified which signal features are pushing the rankings.

 Custom signals demonstrated they’re a promising strategy for enhancing local reach, but not all signals are created equal.

Find out which characteristics to look for in signals that move the needle in Mike’s video below:

🧑‍🔬 SEO Mad Scientist Podcast 🧪

Episode 4 of The SEO Mad Scientist Podcast is a lively one, with many tests discussed!

From mastering link building strategies to decoding the nuances of on-page optimization, we’ve got a treasure trove of test insights waiting for you. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this one.

Watch the episode below or listen here.

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