SEO Updates – March 8, 2024

PBNs are often called into question, so we began retesting their effectiveness. 18 days after the links were live, we saw interesting outcomes from our PBN map embeds test.

Want to know more? Keep scrolling down to dive into the details and watch Mike’s in-depth video review of the test setup, results, and implications.

5 other SEO tests are currently running, so keep your eyes peeled for other updates on the SEO Mad Scientist Podcast.

🔬 SEO Mad Scientist 🔬

We deployed 50 PBN map embeds alongside various other tiered links, targeting keywords like “solar panel service” and “solar panel installation.” These links were all finalized by February 20th. Our focus was solely on building links to the listing – there were no direct links to the website.

After the initial implementation, we observed movement in rankings within a week or two…

Keywords like “commercial solar contractors” began to show positive movement. Residential keywords also experienced significant improvements, suggesting a broader influence of PBNs beyond our target terms.

The similarity in performance between both residential and commercial keywords was intriguing. This hints that Google recognizes a broader relevance beyond just the specific keywords mentioned in content.

These test results confirm the content of PBN and tiered links collectively influence rankings, but we plan to conduct more targeted tests to refine our insights.

Dig deeper into our PBN test in Mike’s video below:

🧑‍🔬 SEO Mad Scientist Podcast 🧪

In our most recent episode, we explored how you can build local relevance with YouTube videos and descriptions…

Everything from the test setup to video formats and description links is covered in detail. Watch below or listen on your favorite podcast platform.

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