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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 88

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Co-Host: Sophie Allen

? New Blog Post: How to Report Local Wins to Clients – Everything about GMB and Local SEO Metrics You Need
? Google My Business Call History Feature Now Showing Call Data
? Google My Business Insights Now Shows Bookings Reporting Data
? Markup Validator Is Now Live
? May 13th Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update (Not Confirmed)

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SEO Mad Scientist ???


Welcome back, scientists! Another exciting week of new test results and a lot of previous test results to cover.

Before we can get into anything new we actually have to jump back to some previous tests we did that had shown some real promise!

We’re talking about our category tests.

We originally were testing to see if adding different categories to unlock various features in the GMB would affect our rankings in a positive or negative way.

Instead, we found that adding irrelevant categories that contained relevant terms actually showed a lot of results.

The listing below is one we had previously reviewed where you can see the various categories we added.



When adding terms like emergency service we immediately started to see rankings for terms like “emergency loans” and “emergency title loans”.


We wanted to test this specifically to see if there were any negative effects in rankings. These categories unlocked additional features that could possibly influence rankings or provide a benefit.


Initially, we saw amazing results with our target keywords and ZERO negative results for the already ranking keywords. However, from the beginning, we said you probably shouldn’t add completely irrelevant categories as we don’t know the full impact based on how Google will determine relevance for the listing.

When we look at our overall traffic in the Google my business dashboard we see a pretty drastic drop.



Although you can see from the previous snapshot we are still showing well for “emergency Title loan” keywords, but we did lose all of our rankings for “emergency loan” keywords as of now. When you look at our top search terms in the dashboard this is what you’ll see…



This is also why we previously suggested you should always test anything before doing it on your client’s GMB. It’s very simple to make a few GMB listings at your home residence or office address under different categories and business names to test your categories and optimization methods on those before implementing anything into your strategy.

We don’t know for sure yet if we lost rankings because of the categories exactly, but what we do know is that we have a title loan business showing for restaurant terms, and we have lost rankings for relevant title loan terms that we previously had.

So if you were using a specific strategy based on categories you may want to look into it further because we’re going back to the drawing board to do further tests now and see what type of impacts these different categories have.

Be sure to join us next week, we have a lot of new test results to share so you won’t want to miss it.

Until then,

Happy Testing!


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