Seo Updates May 6 & 7, 2022


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This week wasn’t a huge week for SEO news, but we did have a guest on the SEO Vault podcast! We are also ready to launch the SERP Results beta test next week, so keep your eye out for that email.

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Keep your eye out for Chaz’s video walking through the infographic embed syndication set up and the final results he achieved.

To your success,
Chaz and the Entire Team

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Do Domain Extensions Influence SEO?

Episode 139

Co-Host: Mike Lawson (special guest) + Bucky Helms + Mike Milas

What we discussed this week…


✔ Google now offering an SEO certification for small businesses to train their employees.

✔ GMB App is Going Away, Dashboard will be available for agencies and multi-location businesses.

✔ Twitter poll: 67% of SEOs have university degrees.

✔ Google still testing infinite scroll search on desktop

✔ Answered: What’s the best advise you’d give to someone who’s just starting to do SEO work?

> Watch the Latest SEO Vault episode to catch up on the most recent local update and so much more.

Don’t forget The SEO Vault airs live on the Web 2.0 Ranker Facebook and YouTube every Thursday at 4 pm EST.


Interested in being a guest on the vault!? Sign up now 

SEO Mad Scientist 🧪🥼🔬

Welcome back to the SEO mad scientist, and this week we’re going to jump right into it with a quick and final update on our image test and more domain extension SEO results.

Our image tests unfortunately did not seem to show any conclusive results for organic or local. We are adding some other variations to this test and we’ll be back around to conduct some more experiments in the upcoming weeks.

But let’s jump over to our domain extension test where we’ve seen some strong correlated movement between the type of domain extension we’re using and our Target keywords.

For this test we had registered a DOT shop domain and switched it out as primary website and the URL on the GBP.

When looking at the keyword printing shop we see a strong correlation between the domain being added and the rankings… 


The primary category on the listing is print shop so we’ve been tracking this keyword for a while now and here are what those results look like as well with the domain change update.

unnamed (40)

unnamed (41)

We’ve been tracking some “store” keywords for this listing as well to see if those should any movement along with the “shop” keywords. You can see very little movement for the corresponding “store” keywords, reinforcing our belief that the URL may have something to do with this movement.

unnamed (1)

If our theory is correct and we were to go and register a DOT store domain and perform the same swap as we did previously, we would expect to see our store keywords go up in ranking and possibly the shop keywords to drop.

We now have registered the DOT store domain, move the website and changed the GBP URL. We did not 301 the .shop to the .store. Let’s watch and see what happens.

So far these results have given us enough reason to move forward with some real-world testing on some clients that have agreed to move some of their sites and some of their more stagnant listings.

This concept of domain extensions playing a part and keyword rankings is completely new to the SEO industry and if this is the case can be extremely powerful with niche markets.

Be sure to join us next week as we take more into our SEO tests and uncover what makes the current algorithm tick.

Until then, as always…

Happy Testing! 

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