SEO Updates – November 10, 2023

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Yahoo! Finance PR Still Dominates “US CTA Filing Service” Featured Snippet)

Hey, SEO Testers!

While we are working on getting another press test launched, we decided to circle back to a previous press test…

It’s been nearly three months since our last update on our PR test with CTA Filer to see “How Much Do Press Releases Impact Rankings?” You can find the full, previous test update here:

The press release was published June 16, 2023, nearly 5 months ago.

First, the Yahoo! Finance press release continues to hold the featured snippet for the search term, “us cta filing service”. While this isn’t entirely shocking, it does demonstrate the power authoritative press features can bring.

But this SEO test focuses more on how press releases impact rankings.

So, we compared current organic rankings a week after publishing the release(6/23/23) to now…

You can see the press release was ranking for more organic keywords a week after publishing.

However, the release also gained a new keyword since our last update on 8/18 – “cta business”.

We also reviewed the organic rankings of the target website, comparing rankings now to rankings right after the release was published.

The target site gained 6 new organic keywords since publishing the release, with one at the bottom of page 1!

The ONLY other work done since publishing the release was one large AI content piece about beneficial ownership.

While not all keywords directly correlate with the release, the correlation between website rankings and press releases underscores the importance of optimizing press releases for target keywords.

In the coming weeks, we plan to delve deeper into our press tests, exploring the impact of press releases linking to your website pages and local listings.

We also plan to investigate the influence of tier linking between the current press releases, also known as “pr stacking”. However, this test is not slated until 2024.

Stay tuned for our next update as we continue our exploration of SEO.

Thank you for your support. Happy testing!

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The SEO Vault: Episode 213

Are you leveraging custom instructions in ChatGPT? This episode is all about boosting your agency’s productivity.

In episode 213, we discuss why custom instructions are crucial in generation. Plus…

The impact of custom signal building on maps rankings, and how to make the most of AI content.

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