SEO Updates November 12, 2021


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SEO Mad Scientist: Did We Miss Something With Our Emoji Tests?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 114

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Co-Host: Mike Milas + Sophie Allen + Bucky Helms
Special Guest: Jessie Taylor

? Google November Spam Update
? PSA: Google Ads Account Suspensions Over Violating Webmaster Guidelines
? Google Business Profile Name Live
? Google: You Shouldn’t Be Creating Links To Your Site

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Welcome back Mad Scientists!

Hope you had a great week, and for those who made it to the mastermind last weekend, what an ACTION-PACKED EVENT!

Not only was there a TON of information on SEO and agency building, but we even discovered some new things ourselves…

While preparing for the “SEO Testing” presentation, we were reviewing our old tests and started to notice something…

So today, instead of an update, we are going to talk about something we discovered during the Mastermind this past weekend, that is making us go back and retest some of our old findings.

If you have been following us for a while then you know we previously tested emojis, specifically for how emojis convey relevance to Google. It was clear that Google understood what emojis were as they were searchable, but was there a correlation between what an emoji is, and what Google thinks you are relevant for…



As you can see, emojis are searchable and indexable, but generally, in the past we only would see pages returned that contained emojis. While reviewing our old tests however we saw a LOT more circumstances where Google was showing “non-emoji” results for partial or even 100% emoji searches…



As you can see in the snapshot, Google is pulling relevant results for “car video game” even though the emojis are referenced…


This becomes even more apparent when swapping out an emoji with a relevant term like “car rental”…

After seeing more and more of these results we have decided to return to some emoji testing which will include emoji backlink building, as well as internal linking…

We have already started our internal linking test by adding multiple internal links throughout our website for relevant terms using emojis…

Be sure to check back next week for the first update and find out if emojis can be used to influence relevance. Google is pulling these results somehow, and we want to find out…

Until then, as always…

Happy Testing!




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