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SEO Mad Scientist: Exact Match Brand Tests & More

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 56
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? Google algo updates may be another glitch
? Free aHrefs tool
? Google My Business Announced New Performance Insights Metrics
? Google Shopping going free worldwide this month

? And so much more!

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SEO Mad Scientist

Hey there SEO Mad Scientists!

Let’s jump right back into our tests from the last 2 weeks…

As of earlier this week, it appears as though all of our GMB sites have indexed and are showing for their “brand name” (with the exception of the brands that are 100% keyword-based)

Only 1 of the 10 sites is still showing for target terms, however, the rest do not. Previously with this 1 we saw it showing for some target terms, but then dropped off.

Just like our test from 3 weeks ago, we expect the site rankings to drop off soon as well. We originally speculated that this may be due to some kind of exact match brand algo, to reduce the power of keyword-relevant brands to stop EMDs.

This made sense since upon first crawling the site we had made assumptions on what the page was about. Once the keyword was recognized as just the brand, the keyword rankings dropped, but brand rankings were maintained.

Another option is that sites were being filtered for target terms due to a dup content algo, as all of these sites had similar brands but no content.

If the brand has a keyword in it, does it make it easier or harder to rank for that term then becomes the question. Is it easier or harder to fight the “exact match brand” algo.

So we began testing more sites with content, targeting local and non-local terms…

So far we are waiting for a lot of these to index but we are confident that as Google crawls them, the primary term will eventually be recognized as the brand since it is a GMB site and the listing specifically displays that as the “brand name”.

Next week we will review more like the Exact Match Brands and Partial Match Brands to see if we can’t draw some better conclusions.

Until then,

Happy Testing…

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