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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week
Special Announcement: Local Marketing Mastermind November 5-7
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Featured Post: Does Scholarship Linkbuilding Still Work?
SEO Mad Scientist: GMB Service Area Zipcodes? Yes or No

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 109

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Co-Host: Mike Milas + Sophie Allen + Bucky Helms

? Google: Directory Article Submissions And Bookmarking Links Are Against The Webmaster Guidelines
? Google Hotel Listing Gains Eco-Certified Badges
? Google SearchOn Event
? Large Algorithm Update (October 2nd & 3rd)

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Does Scholarship Linkbuilding Still Work?

When PageRank first rolled out, link building shot to the top of everyone’s to-do list. All SEOs understood building links boosted rankings and authority. However, links didn’t need to be high-quality, authoritative, or relevant to your niche to be impactful.

Many also believed, “.edu links are stronger”, so they leveraged these sites for easy and effective linking through scholarship pages. Why put in the work for natural, editorial backlinks when low-quality links worked?

Since the beginning of link signals, the algorithm has matured to differentiate different links based on quality, relevance, and authority.

With the advancements, does scholarship link building still work in SEO today?

Find out now:

SEO Mad Scientist ???

Welcome back scientists to another week of test updates!

A lot of our tests are still running and we’re waiting for more data to come in so we thought this week we would revisit a previous test that came up during the SEO vault.

How do targeted city and zip code service areas on the GMB listing affect rankings?



With our tests late last year, we did see a slight correlation in the service area and being able to find our listing in SERPs from different areas. Although these results were limited, and hard to measure, you can still see our initial results here.

During this time we had also ran tests with changing various service areas to zip code targeted service areas, as well as a few other variations, but didn’t find any conclusive data.

After the question came up this week on the vault however we decided to run another test.

We figure working in a lower comp area will be more likely to see results, similar to when we saw our previous tests, so we are going to use a listing in handover Pennsylvania but set the service area as a few various zip codes that are very close by, but not where the business is actually located.

Now that we’ve made the changes, we hope that the listing doesn’t get suspended…

Of course, if all goes according to plan, and these zip codes do play any part in ranking, we should see some type of decrease in rankings in other areas and hopefully some type of increase in the targeted areas.

We will continue to track this listing and keep you up-to-date with our findings, but make sure to tune in next week for more test updates, and until then as always

Happy Testing!



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