SEO Updates – October 20, 2023

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How high can you rank without building links?

Hey SEO Mad Scientists,

We’re back with another thrilling update on our topical relevance test, where we are testing how well we can rank based solely on content creation and on-page optimization. The journey so far has been nothing short of fascinating!

To provide some context, we launched a brand new website on September 1st, a site with no links, age, or prior relevance, apart from the advantage of a keyword-rich domain that included “nyctv”.

It’s been a little over six weeks since we embarked on this SEO adventure, starting with 32 pages and 2 blog posts. During this time, our dedicated team has been working tirelessly, producing 2-3 blog posts per business day and meticulously performing on-page optimizations to enhance our existing content.

Now, fast forward 12 days, and it’s time to unveil the latest results…

Despite not building a single link, we have seen rankings grow faster than anticipated in a highly competitive market – NYC.

As of October 4th, we had 39 keywords making their mark on our site. Today, on October 18th, we’re excited to report that our keyword tally has risen to 44.

However, we’ve also had to say goodbye to a few keywords in the process…

We suspect this is due to the initial relevance gained after publishing or optimizing a new content piece. But once the site stops covering that content or doesn’t build links to it, the relevance may potentially taper off.

But here’s where it gets even more thrilling: many of the keywords catapulted themselves 10-20 positions higher.

At the time of our last update (Oct. 4th), we only had 5 keywords in positions 11-20.

Now, we can see 14 keywords in positions 11-20. Some of these newly higher-ranked keywords had moved up from positions 21-50, but others had shot up from 51+!

Here are the keywords currently ranking at position 20 or above:

To better illustrate the ranking improvement since our last update, we pulled rankings on October 18 compared to rankings on October 4th – our last data pull.

Moreover, our homepage has emerged as a key player in this SEO success story, gaining both rankings and relevance. The majority of keywords are ranking on the homepage.

Topical relevance is building around the homepage from supporting blog post content. But the excitement doesn’t stop there.

Some of the blog content we’ve diligently published has also made its mark, landing on pages 3-4 for longer-tail search terms. All of this has been achieved without any link-building efforts.

While we cannot draw any solid conclusions yet, it’s clear that topically relevant blog content and on-page optimization are important aspects of any SEO campaign.

We’re excited to continue this journey and will keep you updated on any notable developments, or the lack thereof.

Keep testing and innovating!

The SEO Mad Scientist Testing Team

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