SEO Updates October 30, 2020

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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week

Deal of the week: 20% Cashback Mini Networks

SEO Mad Scientist: Local SERPs filtered but Organic Results Steady: Proximity GMB Test Update

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 60

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? Google: E-Commerce Sites Should Use Unavailable Request Indexing Tool Prior To Black Friday
? Google My Business Progress Status Of Reinstatement Request
? Apple moving to take on Google Search
? How search has changed to control the Internet
And so much more!

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Niche NetworksBrand Networks

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SEO Mad Scientist

Another week down and after last week’s duplicate content tests, we are now taking a look back at some of our GMB testing listings

And when we say “Testing” GMB listings we mean literally… 🙂

This is actually a new property we are going to be testing on over the next week, but before we dig into that, let’s give a quick update to our previous GMB proximity test we have been running for a little over a month now…

Let’s start with the GMB website organic rankings

So far the rankings are still below their debut in the Google SERPs:

But, you can see that these drop-offs occurred almost immediately and have definitely recovered since we began to create prominence signals for the location

When looking at maps and searching from Miami, we used to be on page 7. However, when we go to page 7 or 8 now, we currently get that there are no listings.

But why have 2 extra pages?

It’s important to note that when the locations of the listings being shown are further apart, the map zooms out to accommodate where the business is located.

When we checked the keywords previously, the map zoomed all the way out to show Pennsylvania for SOME of the keywords, but with the “branded” terms we didn’t see this which you can see in the previous test snapshot in this update.

The big question we have now is, “With enough prominence signals, can we get Google to show those “hidden” listings on pages 7 & 8?”

While we continue our tests and report back, let’s talk really quickly about that “Testing” GMB listing we mentioned at the very beginning. We have a few of these listings now and we want to ask you what “signals” would YOU like to test…?

We are starting a poll in the Local SEO Facebook Community to get your feedback and when we have 100 votes we will start the testing!

Vote and add your own ideas. Could be a new strategy you heard about, something you question from your latest Guru, or just something that you are curious about…

Let us know and we will be back next week with more tests and more updates.

Until then,

Happy Testing

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