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SEO Mad Scientist: Duplicate content algo what?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 104

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Co-Host: Mike Milas + Bucky Helms

? Google’s Title/Header Change Does Not Impact Rankings
? Google Search Tests Double Indented Results
? Google Tests Expandable Search Snippet Carousel
? Google: Don’t Blindly Replace Your HTML Title Tags With Google Titles

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Hey there SEO scientists!

This email is going to come in two parts as we go through our final findings on the duplicate content tests and our previous Unicode experiments.

If you’ve been following along you know that we’ve been playing around with using different Unicode to try and beat the duplicate content algorithm.

As of today, our very first test is still ranking alongside the exact same content that was taken from the top spot.



If you’re familiar with the duplicate content algo, then you know that it simply says that Google will not allow the same exact content to appear multiple times within one SERP. This doesn’t mean that Google will necessarily rank the original content but what it does mean is that Google will only allow one of those listings to show in the SERP at a time. So if one page starts to show up, the other is dropped…

By using a different Unicode we were able to completely bypass this algorithm and have our content viewed as unique. With that said, we obviously don’t condone stealing other people’s content so before we go over our final test setup, let’s talk about some ethical options that these findings can be used for.

  1. Directory site – if you own a directory site then you may consider listing the company’s name address and phone number and other common details in a different uni code and it will be recognized as unique content compared to other standards directory listings.
  2. E-com/affiliate – listing common data in regards to product sizes and product attributes in different Unicode may result in a higher uniqueness score unlike all of the other listings that are currently using the standard keyboard Unicode.
  3. Curated content/quotes – When cheerleading or quoting other content on your website consider putting that content in a different Unicode while also referencing the original quoted content with a link. This will give you a better uniqueness score for the quoted text as well as link your page out to an authoritative piece of content that’s relevant.

Be sure to let us know any other ways you may come up with for using Unicode to beat the duplicate content algorithm in an ethical way. Our final test does still use other content to rank, but in this test, we have decided to hide the text on the page using CSS.

What this means is that all of the text will be available to Google’s bot in the source code but will not be viewable when looking at the page.

Following last year’s experiment where we obtained content from the top-ranking pages and put it all on one page, we did the same thing with the top five pieces of content for our target keyword, converted it to a different Unicode, and put it on a web page with a tiny snippet of unique content visible to the front end.

We then submitted it to webmasters and waited for Google to show the results…

Make sure not to miss next weekend’s email as we release the final results and details on our duplicate content Unicode tests and discuss some additional strategies that this could also benefit.

Until then, happy testing!







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