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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 54
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? SERP Volatility Roundup
? Google Want to Know if Your “site:” Index Count is Inaccurate
? Emojis Spotted In Personal GMB Reviews
? New How-to Schema Snippets
? We Could Be Experiencing An Algo Update
? And so much more!

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SEO Mad Scientist
Hello fellow scientists!

Last week we were talking about some GMB site ranking tests. Today we are going to review that test and then talk about a method we have been using to have a lot of fun testing GMB organic website rankings…

So far the results haven’t looked good but we believe that for two reasons. First, the listing has very little optimization. Its just a GMB site that was put up for a new GMB, with no optimization as well.

Second, we added content to the site but didn’t optimize it well.

We believe when the page re-indexed under the root URL vs the UTM URL, is when Google picked up the new content and considered it in the organic rankings. There was a clear shift in ranking when the URL switch.

We don’t believe it was the UTM URL that necessarily ranked better than the root. But of course, we are testing it for next week’s email…

We are now testing the impacts of building social accounts, well optimize citations and a press release. Stay tuned for the final results in future emails…

Moving onto the reason we are running so many GMB site tests. The fact is that it takes seconds to make one, and you don’t even need a verified GMB listing to make & rank it…

Try it for yourself…

  • Go to going to Google My Business.
  • Add a new listing (put in any address you want since you don’t need to verify it.)
  • Go to the GMB Site section.
  • Click on Publish Site.
  • And you’re done…

You can post and add images to your GMB, to add them to the site, as well as do the rest of the available site optimization.Using this method we are testing all types of organic variables using the GMB website…

Next week we are going to go over a few of these tests, such as the UTM URL test above and more…

Until then,
Happy Testing!

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