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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week
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SEO Mad Scientist: Brand Name Variations

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 55
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? FREE Agency Automation Workshop Closing Soon
? SEO Accelerated Setups Are Live
? Google’s Fack Checking Schema Guidelines Updated
? Early Signs Of A Google Search Algorithm Ranking Update On September 23rd
? Google says: Dual-Stack IPv4/6 Does Not Give You A Google Ranking Boost

? And so much more!

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SEO Mad Scientist

Welcome back, fellow scientist!

Its been a busy week at the SEO Laboratory so let’s dive right into it.

First an update from last week.

As you can see we lost all the rankings. We believe this is most likely due to the fact that the brand name is the exact keyword and we have no branding or optimization done.

At the beginning of the week, prior to the rankings dropping off, we had just started to build citations, social media, google stacks, and more to test the ranking ability…

We are going to continue to build the signals and report back on the progress.

We now have nearly 50 tests currently running on GMB sites to start really zeroing in on the factors that could have impacted this. When researching well-ranking GMB sites we have noticed that the best-ranking sites organically have the best branding and optimization locally.

Aside from those factors we also want to make note of the difference between the types of “brands”, so we have a large variation of brand types we are testing:

Brand Name With Exact Keyword
Brand Name With Brand Term and Partial Keyword
Brand Name With Only Branded Terms
Brand Name with Brand Terms and Exact Match Terms
Brand Name With Partial Keyword

We are also split testing these between listing the address or not listing the address on the website. Here is a small sample of the sites:

Once we launched the sites we did adjust the URLs and noticed some did not reindex as quickly as normal with the new URL. Once the URL is indexed they seem to be following the same pattern as last time with rankings starting to appear almost instantly.

Once they are all indexed we will benchmark where each one landed in the SERPs initially to see if we cant find some variables there.

Come back next week and we will have an update on these two tests, and even more!

See you then,
Happy Testing!

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