Taking Your Pet on a Trip to Europe

Taking Your Pet on a Trip to Europe

Although Aer Lingus is a smaller airline, their pet policy is tailor-made for pets with big dreams! If you are travelling within Europe or flying across the Atlantic, arrangements can be made for your cat or dog. You may not be able to travel with your pet in the cabin, but In the hold, you can rest assured that your pet will be safe and protected. And secure in the hold.

If you are travelling to Europe or Northern Ireland with your cat from 1 January 2021, you will no longer use the current pet passport scheme. Instead, you will need to go through a separate process before leaving the country. For more information about the new animal health certificate (ahc) and guidance on travelling with pets to Europe and Northern Ireland * from 1 January 2021, visit the gov. Uk website or our dedicated Brexit pets page.

Most airlines only allow a few animals on board, so get tickets early. Explain the situation when booking – for example, as I mentioned that I would be travelling with a cat that meows a lot, the assistant suggested a seat based on this detail. Some sections of the plane are probably better than others. Required: If you are travelling internationally and changing flights, call the airline operating the particular flight. For example, if you are flying New York – London – Athens, you will need to find out which partner airline operates the European leg of that route and whether that airline will take a cat on board.

taking your pet on a trip to europe

Travelling to Europe with pets can be surprisingly easy. It’s almost as easy for pets to travel in Europe as it is for humans, even with Brexit on the horizon. Fill out a European pet passport application first. Your pet will need a 15-digit pet microchip that complies with ISO standard 11784. The microchip number and any vaccination certificates should be included in the pet passport. If your pet is a puppy, you must have up-to-date rabies and tapeworm vaccination after attaching the microchip.

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Get an EU pet passport.

Cats, rats, and ferrets will all get pet passports. and are intended to last the entire life of your pet. You can enter the UK and other EU countries without the need for a pet passport or quarantine, provided you follow the pet travel rules. However, once you are in the EU and intend to travel within EU member states, life will be much easier if you get an EU pet passport.

The following is the latest advice (11 December 2020) from the Animal Health Agency and may change should Brexit negotiations change in the coming weeks. The UK will become a Part 2 nation about the EU and pet travel at 23:00 on 31 December 2020. Travellers to Europe with their pets (dogs, cats or ferrets) will no longer be able to use a UK-issued EU pet passport.

If the Eurostar is not an option, you can take a ferry to the other side of the Channel and hire a car there. If you are travelling with a large group or a pet, this is a good option. It is also possible to take your car on the ferry. Another option is to take the Le Shuttle, a car transport train. You travel by your car onboard a train in the UK or France and are transported by train through the tunnel to the other country.

Taking dogs on most Thomson flights is easy and convenient. Passengers must duly complete a booking form with aia pets. In this form, passengers will also find the relevant fee information for different animals. You’ll also need a pet passport if you’re travelling to Europe with your pet. All pets are accommodated in the hold of Thomson aircraft. All travel boxes carrying pets must be equipped with water containers. Catnip is a good pacifier if you are transporting your feline friend as it is important to occupy your cat also to calm them down.


How to Prepare Your Pet for a European Vacation

Depending on how you prepare for your trip, you will encounter different authorities. The first is the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (aphis), a Food and Drug Administration division. They are responsible for making sure all your paperwork is in order. You must have a licensed veterinarian fill out the aphis 7001 form, which certifies that your pet is fit to travel and has all current vaccinations. The most important thing is that your vet is accredited with aphis.

It is feasible to travel to Europe with a small dog or cat, but you should plan and be prepared for the fees. For a fast ride, I wouldn’t go through the hassle and fees – or put my pet through the discomfort. If you are moving, going on a long trip or have any excuse to move with your pet, you should start the process as early as possible and make sure you are familiar with the criteria when you get home.

This is the basic fee we use to pay for our time researching, preparing and planning your pet’s move from start to finish. This fee does not include your pet’s plane ticket, travel crate, or other costs associated with your pet’s journey.

Nothing is faster or more convenient than air transport. So it’s no surprise that many pet owners choose to take their birds with them. According to Dr Katherine Quesenberry, Chief of the Avian and Exotic Pets Division at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, it’s perfectly healthy to fly with your pet. However, if you are flying with your pet bird, you need to be prepared. Not every airline allows parrots to board with their parents. And even if you can take your bird with you, all airlines have restrictions on when and where you can travel.

Tips & advice for travelling to Europe with a pet

One of the most challenging experiences we’ve had in terms of moving abroad was moving our cat. I adopted Lu from a shelter in the United States. Admittedly, she’s not much of a traveller, but I knew she had to come with us when we moved abroad. Since then, she has travelled with us by plane and train to four countries after our various moves in Europe. Here are my experiences of international travel with my cat, some tips for travelling with your cat and my favourite accessories for cat travel, including an airline-approved pet carrier.

British Airways has a reasonable policy that I wish they and other airlines would adopt for all passengers. After the essential $196 cost, the cost of flying with pets on British Airways is based on your pet’s weight.
To fly in the cabin, the cat or dog must weigh less than 13.2 pounds. Larger pets must fly in cargo. Please read my tips for flying with pets to Europe to ensure your pet is not quarantined, as was the case with my poodle Bentley.

Your cat or dog must be under 13 years old to fly in the cabin. They can’t be heavier than 2 pounds. Larger pets must be transported as cargo. Please read my tips for travelling with pets to Europe to find the easiest and safest way to avoid quarantine for your pet, as was the case with my travel poodle Bentley. Please all remember the difference and pay attention! Your pets rely on you as much as you rely on them!



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