The SEO Vault: Episode 107

The SEO Vault: Episode 107



Episode 107 Table of Contents
Co-Host: Bucky Helms + Mike Milas

– Google Search Update Upsets The Automobile Industry
– Google Maps Adds New Image Carousel Overlay For Businesses
– John Mueller – Adding Canonicals Can Help Solve Small SEO Issues
– Google Aims To Make Search Help Documentation More Clearer And Direct

And So Much More!

3:31 Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update
– Philadelphia Mastermind IS November 5th – 7th – Speakers and Itinerary Announced
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– At Certain Access Levels You Gain “Accountability”
– 12 Month Group Comes With Networking & Quarterly Calls
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– Confirmed Speakers – Chaz Edwards – Jessie Taylor – Mike Milas – Mike Rayburn – Eldar Cohen – Bucky Helms – Sophie Allen – Jon Kaufman – Traci Rayburn – Jason Guy
– Not Just Web20 Team – All Speakers Will Be In The Exclusive Access Group
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– Agency Growth Webinar Has Been Rescheduled to October 5th, at 1 PM EST
– Weekend Deal: Niche Edit Sale – For Every 5 Niche Edits OR 5 Guest Posts They Buy They Get 10 Tier 2 PBN’s For Free – THIS WEEKEND ONLY
– New Case Study On Local SEO – Strategies For Multi-Location Businesses

15:01 SEO News For The Past Week
– Firefox Is Testing Switching Their Default Browser To Bing For 1% Of Users

SERP Changes/Tests
– Google Maps Adds New Image Carousel Overlay For Businesses
– Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update – 16th Through 17th
– Google Update Upsets Automobile Industry – Displaying Automobile Information Without Sourcing Where It’s From
– Google Hotel Search Bug – Visit Website Button Disappeared

Google Says
– John Mueller – If You Have A Product With Zero Reviews, It Is Okay To Use Product Schema
– John Mueller – Adding Canonicals Can Help Solve Small SEO Issues
– John Mueller – He Recommended To Not Remove Old News From Your News Site For SEO Reasons
– John Mueller – He Stated That There Is A Great Importance To Using Bylines In Articles – Builds Users Trust
– Google: Now Using Titles 87% Of The Time Instead Of 80% – This Is To Help Creators With Issues They May Not Realize That They Are Having With Their Titles
– Google: Accessibility Site Changes Aren’t Against Our Webmaster Guidelines
– Google: Intrusive Mobile Elements Won’t Impact Indexing But Can Impact Ranking
– Google: We Don’t Do Anything Special For All-Caps Headings
– Google: Changing WordPress Themes Can Impact Rankings – This Depends On What Is Being Changed With The Website
– Google Aims To Make Search Help Documentation Clearer And Direct
– Google: It’s Not Terrible To Have Related Links Dynamically Change All The Time – This Also Depends On The Situation


11:16 If a client loses the email address to their GMB is there any way we can get that back or find out what it was?
30:34 Should you be putting or are there any benefits to adding backlinks etc in your free Gmb website?
33:40 Is It Okay To Use A Premium Level Virtual Office To Create A GMB Location for a Local Service Company or is that Too Risky With Virtual Offices Being on Google’s Radar?
41:45 Wouldn’t it also be a concern that another company with the same type of services could also be using that same address?

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