The SEO Vault: Episode 107

The SEO Vault: Episode 107

Episode 107 Table of Contents
Co-Host: Bucky Helms + Mike Milas

– Google Search Update Upsets The Automobile Industry
– Google Maps Adds New Image Carousel Overlay For Businesses
– John Mueller – Adding Canonicals Can Help Solve Small SEO Issues
– Google Aims To Make Search Help Documentation More Clearer And Direct

And So Much More!

3:31 Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update
– Philadelphia Mastermind IS November 5th – 7th – Speakers and Itinerary Announced
– Interactive Mastermind Format – 2 Full Days Of Sessions (Saturday & Sunday) – Hands-On Workshops – Highest Access Level Comes With EXCLUSIVE 12 Month Discord Group To Work On More Advanced Topics (Agency Automation & Sales + More)
– Dynamic Event – Can Fit 3x The Previous Amount Of People
– You Will Leave With The Pieces Of YOUR Agency That You Need!
– At Certain Access Levels You Gain “Accountability”
– 12 Month Group Comes With Networking & Quarterly Calls
– Learn More About The Mastermind Here:
– Confirmed Speakers – Chaz Edwards – Jessie Taylor – Mike Milas – Mike Rayburn – Eldar Cohen – Bucky Helms – Sophie Allen – Jon Kaufman – Traci Rayburn – Jason Guy
– Not Just Web20 Team – All Speakers Will Be In The Exclusive Access Group
– To Learn More About The Weekend Update Subscribe To Web20Ranker:
– YouTube Is Now Live With The SEO Vault On YouTube (Thursdays Around 4ish):
– Agency Growth Webinar Has Been Rescheduled to October 5th, at 1 PM EST
– Weekend Deal: Niche Edit Sale – For Every 5 Niche Edits OR 5 Guest Posts They Buy They Get 10 Tier 2 PBN’s For Free – THIS WEEKEND ONLY
– New Case Study On Local SEO – Strategies For Multi-Location Businesses

15:01 SEO News For The Past Week
– Firefox Is Testing Switching Their Default Browser To Bing For 1% Of Users

SERP Changes/Tests
– Google Maps Adds New Image Carousel Overlay For Businesses
– Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update – 16th Through 17th
– Google Update Upsets Automobile Industry – Displaying Automobile Information Without Sourcing Where It’s From
– Google Hotel Search Bug – Visit Website Button Disappeared

Google Says
– John Mueller – If You Have A Product With Zero Reviews, It Is Okay To Use Product Schema
– John Mueller – Adding Canonicals Can Help Solve Small SEO Issues
– John Mueller – He Recommended To Not Remove Old News From Your News Site For SEO Reasons
– John Mueller – He Stated That There Is A Great Importance To Using Bylines In Articles – Builds Users Trust
– Google: Now Using Titles 87% Of The Time Instead Of 80% – This Is To Help Creators With Issues They May Not Realize That They Are Having With Their Titles
– Google: Accessibility Site Changes Aren’t Against Our Webmaster Guidelines
– Google: Intrusive Mobile Elements Won’t Impact Indexing But Can Impact Ranking
– Google: We Don’t Do Anything Special For All-Caps Headings
– Google: Changing WordPress Themes Can Impact Rankings – This Depends On What Is Being Changed With The Website
– Google Aims To Make Search Help Documentation Clearer And Direct
– Google: It’s Not Terrible To Have Related Links Dynamically Change All The Time – This Also Depends On The Situation


11:16 If a client loses the email address to their GMB is there any way we can get that back or find out what it was?
30:34 Should you be putting or are there any benefits to adding backlinks etc in your free Gmb website?
33:40 Is It Okay To Use A Premium Level Virtual Office To Create A GMB Location for a Local Service Company or is that Too Risky With Virtual Offices Being on Google’s Radar?
41:45 Wouldn’t it also be a concern that another company with the same type of services could also be using that same address?

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Ear Infections In Babies – Earaches Have A Number Of Causes

Ear Infections In Babies – Earaches Have A Number Of Causes

Is Earwax A Sign Of Ear Infection In Babies

Ear – Discharge

Is Earwax A Symptom Of Infant Ear Infection: A doctor may also use a pneumatic otoscope, which blows a burst of air into the ear canal to look for fluid behind the eardrum. A normal eardrum moves back and forth more easily than one with fluid behind it.

If you believe your child has accumulated earwax or if the eardrum is clogged, you should consult a paediatrician. During routine examinations, your child’s doctor can detect and remove extra earwax. If your kid bothers you by sticking his finger or other item in his ear, you should get him examined for earwax by his doctor.

Adenoids are immune cells that react to pathogens that enter the body through the nose and mouth. Bacteria can become trapped in the adenoids and spread to the eustachian tubes and middle ear, producing a persistent infection.

The eustachian tubes of children are narrower and shallower than those of adults. Even under normal circumstances, this obstructs the drainage of fluid from the ear. If the Eustachian tubes are swollen or clogged with mucus as a result of a cold or other respiratory illness, the fluid may not drain.

It’s critical to keep in mind that hearing loss, dizziness, and ear discomfort are all caused by a variety of different reasons. Consult your physician if any of these symptoms repeat often. A comprehensive medical checkup can ascertain if the condition is the result of excessive earwax or another health concern.

Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, your physician may diagnose you with earwax. You may require an ear test for another reason, for example. If your physician is unable to look into your ear canal due to earwax, he or she may diagnose you with earwax. If you believe your kid has collected earwax or if the eardrum is clogged, you should consult a paediatrician. During routine examinations, your child’s doctor can detect and remove extra earwax. If your kid bothers you by sticking his finger or other item in his ear, you should get him examined for earwax by his doctor.

Adenoids are immune cells that react to pathogens that enter the body through the nose and mouth. Bacteria can become trapped in the adenoids and spread to the eustachian tubes and middle ear, producing a persistent infection.

The eustachian tubes of children are narrower and shallower than those of adults. Even under normal circumstances, this obstructs the drainage of fluid from the ear. If the Eustachian tubes are swollen or clogged with mucus as a result of a cold or other respiratory illness, the fluid may not drain.

It’s critical to keep in mind that hearing loss, dizziness, and ear discomfort are all caused by a variety of different reasons. Consult your physician if any of these symptoms repeat often. A comprehensive medical checkup can ascertain if the condition is the result of excessive earwax or another health concern.

Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, your physician may diagnose you with earwax. You may require an ear test for another reason, for example. If your physician is unable to look into your ear canal due to earwax, he or she may diagnose you with earwax.

is earwax a sign of ear infection in babies
Ear Wax Removal Sutton Coldfield

Does Excess Earwax Mean Infection Baby

Use a rubber ball syringe to spray warm water into your ear the next day after using the drops. According to the Mayo Clinic, tilt your head and draw the pinna up and back. This straightens the ear canal and makes it easier for earwax to discharge.

Does Excess Earwax Mean Infection

If only a little amount of earwax has collected, home treatment is typically beneficial. By placing a few drops of baby oil or commercial ear drops in the ear, you can soften the wax and make it easier to remove.

Absolutely. If a baby’s ear canal is clogged with earwax, their hearing will be hindered. (Hearing loss can also occur as a result of fluid becoming trapped in the middle ear during or following an ear infection.) Additionally, it may cause ear pain.

Consult your doctor about receiving a flu vaccine each year if your child suffers from recurrent ear infections, particularly during flu season. (Flu vaccinations are only administered to children at least six months of age.)

Is Excessive Earwax A Sign Of Infection In Baby

Your mother was accurate when she advised you to avoid inserting anything larger than your elbow into your ear. Nothing (even cotton swabs) should be inserted into your baby’s ear canal to remove earwax. You risk rupturing his fragile eardrum, and by pushing the wax further into the ear canal, you worsen the earwax problem. If your baby’s auricle is blocked with earwax, use a cotton swab or, better yet, a moist washcloth to remove it. If you suspect you have earwax in your ear, schedule an examination with your doctor at a normal appointment. He can alert you to the presence of an obstruction and safely remove it by flushing warm fluid into your baby’s ear, releasing the wax and enabling it to come out naturally. She may need to scrape out stubborn earwax using a curette, a tiny, non-abrasive plastic tool. If your baby’s earwax production is high on a regular basis, her doctor may prescribe simple home rinse treatments.

The third condition is fluid in the ears, often known as serous otitis media (SOM) or otitis media with effusion (OME). This condition is caused by a buildup of fluid against the eardrum. However, no antibiotic or antifungal therapy is indicated in the absence of infection.

Three types of ear infections exist. Each kind is defined by its position within the ear canal. Infections can occur in the inner, middle, or outer ear. Each type of ear infection presents with a unique set of symptoms.

If you do not notice a notable improvement within 48 to 72 hours, contact your doctor and request a recheck. It is possible that the antibiotic recommended to you is ineffective. Your doctor can inspect your ear and determine whether another antibiotic is necessary.

Earaches may have a number of causes besides an ear infection

Earaches can be caused by a sore throat, fluid behind the eardrum, earwax, a sinus infection, or a tooth infection, in addition to an ear infection. Additionally, they might be produced by a cotton swab, soap, or shampoo residue left in the ear.

Adenoids are little tissue pads located behind the bridge of the nose, above the neck, and behind the Eustachian tubes. Adenoids are largely composed of cells from the immune system. Antibiotics are used to combat infections by trapping bacteria that enter the body through the mouth.

Natural cures for inner ear infections include garlic oil or tea tree oil ear drops, apple cider vinegar, basil, olive oil, and hydrogen peroxide, as well as alternative therapies. On the other hand, scientific research indicates that none of these therapies are effective.

The doctor uses an otoscope to inspect the eardrum for bulging, which indicates that fluid has accumulated in the inner ear. If the fluid is red or muddy, a middle ear infection is suspected.

When doctors are uncertain about a diagnosis, they might use tympanometry to get sound and air pressure readings. A tympanometer is a little soft plug equipped with a microphone and speaker and a mechanism for adjusting the ear’s air pressure. It determines the eardrum’s elasticity under a variety of pressures.


Is Excessive Earwax A Sign Of Infection In Baby

It’s especially critical to determine the source of your ear infection if it’s been going on for an extended period of time. Once you’ve determined what caused the issue, you may take actions to prevent it from occurring again.

Due to the fact that a kid with earwax may touch or yank at their ears or dig their fingers into them as if they had an ear infection, it can be difficult to distinguish. On the other side, earwax does not result in fever and insomnia associated with ear infections. When you peer into your baby’s ears and notice a buildup of earwax, you may notice it. Additionally, a yellow or brownish discharge may be seen. (By contrast, ear infection discharge might be clear, milky pus-like, or red in colour.) If you are worried, schedule an appointment with your child’s paediatrician for a more thorough check.

Ear Infections

A ruptured eardrum can manifest itself in a variety of ways. A throbbing sensation in the ear and the sound of air flowing out of the ear when you blow your nose are both common symptoms of a ruptured eardrum. Additional indications and symptoms of an eardrum rupture include the following:

Additionally, doctors are beginning to have a better understanding of what occurs in the ears of children who suffer from recurrent ear infections. They identified biofilms, which are colonies of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, in the middle ears of the majority of children with chronic ear infections. One method for successfully treating chronic ear infections without surgery is to learn how to target and destroy these biofilms.

A middle ear infection (acute otitis media, or AOM) is an inflammatory condition of the middle ear. It is caused by germs and occurs as a result of fluid accumulation behind the eardrum. Children’s ear infections are very common: by the age of three, 5 out of 6 children will have had at least one infection, with the prevalence increasing between six and twelve months.

“When there is fluid in the middle ear, the eardrum can no longer vibrate. Initial symptoms include a sense of fullness in the middle ear and a loss of hearing in that ear, according to Leann Poston, M.D., Ikon Health’s medical officer.

Even a weekend spent in a home with a smoker may be detrimental to a youngster and raise his or her risk of developing an ear infection. Tobacco smoking appears to weaken the immune system, making it more difficult for your child to resist infection. Allow no smoking in your house, and keep your youngster away from smoking locations.

The fragrance of “banana medicine” is one of the few that quickly returns me to my youth. As a child who was often afflicted with ear infections, I was all too familiar with this beautiful yellow liquid that tasted like candy but was actually an antibiotic. The fact that I had several opportunities as a kindergarten teacher and now as a father to wax nostalgic about this fragrance demonstrates one thing: ear infections and children are intimately intertwined.

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How to Design and Implement a Successful Franchise Marketing Plan

How to Design and Implement a Successful Franchise Marketing Plan

Marketing a franchise business involves significantly greater challenges than marketing a small local company. As a franchisor, you may need to coordinate advertising costs for each of your franchise owners, and balance your digital marketing efforts across multiple channels in several different geographical areas — all while maintaining a consistent brand identity, and keeping relations positive among current and potential franchisees.

Still, some careful pre-planning, precise targeting, and content consistency can help you deliver strong ROI for each of your franchisees, and for your organization as a whole. By recognizing what’s unique about each franchise, adapting your targeting accordingly, and learning from the results, you’ll soon develop an iterative process for fine-tuning your tactics — enabling you to attract more customers, make more sales, and acquire more franchisees.

Here, we’re going to break down the most crucial steps to winning the franchise marketing game, by designing and implementing a strategy that’ll set you up for success.

Steps to Creating a Successful Franchise Marketing Plan:

  1. Create a consistent brand playbook for your franchisees to follow.
  2. Define the target audience segments for each franchise’s marketing.
  3. Prioritize marketing channels for each segment and franchise location.
  4. Prepare several weeks’ worth of targeted content for every franchise.
  5. Help each franchisee automate a steady cadence of targeted content.
  6. Review each franchisee’s content to ensure it’s unique and market-optimized.
  7. Encourage your franchisees to follow and capitalize on content trends.
  8. Study and learn from analytics to fine-tune your marketing tactics.

Get Your Free Franchise Marketing Plan Template

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Step 1:

Brand consistency is key to successful franchise marketing — and this can be a delicate balance. On the one hand, each franchisee should be able to tailor their marketing to their own customer base. On the other hand, it’s essential to prevent franchisees from drifting so far off-message that their branches are no longer recognizable as part of your brand.

You can help your franchisees maintain this level of consistency by putting together a detailed brand book. Your book should start with a clear explanation of your brand identity, along with your brand story — the problem you’re solving, how you’re solving it, and why. It should also include precise guidelines on logos, fonts, words, imagery, and color palettes to be used in each location’s marketing. Service and communication best practices are good to specify, too.

Innovation and creativity are great to encourage — as long as they’re consistent with your overall brand voice, and the goals and messaging of your marketing. The more clearly your franchisees understand your book’s guidelines, the more they’ll be able to contribute to your marketing strategy with their own creative ideas while reinforcing the consistent brand identity and story you’re working to get across to your audience.

Step 2:

Although your corporate marketing department probably has a core target audience in mind, your franchisees are often your best source for accurate customer data. They know who’s buying from their franchises, how those audiences are finding them, and why customers in that local area choose your brand over the competition. That real-world information will help you select audience segments that are likely to see and respond to your marketing — which will guide you in choosing campaign channels, and in crafting impactful sales content.

If your franchisees already use a turnkey customer relationship management (CRM) system, the data they’ve collected can provide invaluable insights about your most responsive  customers. Encourage your franchisees to conduct surveys — in person, via email, or both — to find out how potential customers in their local area hear about your brand, why they choose you over competitors, and which features of your product or service they find most attractive.

Organize each location’s customers into groups (a.k.a. “audience segments”), according to their interests, the value propositions they’re most responsive to, and the platforms where they discover your brand. Different franchise locations will likely have different sets of customer segments — and that’s actually a good thing. The more precisely you can tailor your tactics for each franchise location, the greater ROI you can deliver for each of your franchisees, and for your organization as a whole.

Step 3: 

Now that you’ve got target audience segments for each of your franchise locations, the next step is to figure out how and where to connect with those people. Ideally, you’d want a combination of blog articles, social media posts, video ads, locally targeted franchise SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email campaigns, and offline sales — all supporting one another in a unified omnichannel marketing strategy. But if that’s a bit much for your time and budget, the next-best approach is to prioritize the channels that generate the most leads at the lowest cost.

You may be surprised to learn that personalized emails generate 35 times more click-throughs than social media posts, resulting in ROI as high as 3,800 percent. But remember to keep your messaging focused, since emails with a single call to action (CTA) can increase click rates by 371 percent, and sales by 1,617 percent. SEO is also essential since 55 percent of searchers click on a website in the top three spots. So make sure each franchise’s website and business listing include keywords relevant to their local area. It’s generally a smart idea to supplement SEO with PPC advertising, which will ensure your franchises show up in search results for location-specific keywords. PPC is particularly crucial on Google’s display network, which reaches 90 percent of all internet users.

A social media presence is crucial, too; since customers are 71 percent more likely to purchase from a brand after a positive social-media experience — while a single negative social experience from just one of your franchisees makes a potential customer 50 percent more likely to boycott your brand entirely. The ideal choice of social platform(s) depends on each franchise location’s customer demographics. Franchisees with an older customer base may want to focus on Facebook, while locations with younger customers may prefer to prioritize apps like Twitter and Instagram. Along the way, remember to cultivate positive online reviews, since they influence 93 percent of customers’ purchase decisions, and can even determine whether franchise locations show up in GPS map searches.

Step 4:

It’s not enough just to create loads of content. To make it to the top of customers’ search results, your content needs to be relevant to each audience segment, unique to each franchise’s local area, and structured in a way that’s easy for search engines to understand. It’s also important to recognize that good content takes time to create — so before you launch your campaign, make sure each franchisee has several weeks’ worth of unique content prepared in advance.

Your franchisees will want to post on social media channels one or two times a day, and publish a minimum of three blog posts each week. Factor in videos, infographics and other media, and you’re looking at around 30 pieces of original content per franchisee, just for the next three weeks alone. This may sound like a big up-front investment — but the more content you prepare ahead of time, the more effectively you’ll be able to orchestrate your marketing strategy.

The good news is that you don’t have to create all this content yourself. In fact, you’ll get much better sales results by encouraging franchisees to write their own blog articles and social media posts, tailored for their local markets. For pieces of content that require more technical expertise, like videos and infographics, consider giving franchisees the budget to hire experienced freelance creators — or allow them to customize corporate content for their target audiences.

Get Your Free Franchise Marketing Plan Template

If you are looking to establish a marketing strategy for your franchise, this template can be customized to your needs, simply enter your email and we will instantly send you the template.

Step 5:

Many marketers make the mistake of pumping out way too much content in the short term, then failing to maintain a steady rhythm over time. This is a major red flag for search engines, which prefer consistency and quality over volume. As long as you keep a few weeks of content in reserve, you’ll always be able to schedule an optimal number of posts for each channel over the course of each week. Stick to your schedule, and content cadence should be a breeze.

Automation will prove extremely useful when it comes to keeping your cadence steady. For example, most blog platforms let you schedule posts in advance, so they’ll be published automatically at the dates and times you specify. Social media automation tools, meanwhile, will let your franchisees schedule an entire week’s worth of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts in just minutes.

At the same time, the task of automation itself can sometimes slip below more urgent priorities. You can help prevent this by making content automation check-ins a part of your organization’s weekly routine. In each status meeting, ask your franchisees how much content they’ve prepared for the coming week and whether they’ve scheduled it to be published in a consistent cadence. These check-ins can also serve as opportunities to skim through the scheduled content and correct any issues that could interfere with your brand’s overall strategy.

Step 6:

Looking over your franchisees’ posts in advance can prevent another common marketing mistake: SEO interference. If several different franchises use the same keywords, they’re liable to interfere with each other’s search rankings — and as a result, they’ll all end up ranked lower. Franchisees should also avoid copy-pasting text from each others’ sites and social profiles, too, because search engines penalize duplicate content. In both these ways, your franchisees can unintentionally undercut each others’ marketing efforts, and hurt your brand as a whole.

To maximize your organic search ROI, each franchisee should post their own unique content, targeted around long-tail keywords specific to their local area and audience segments. If your corporate office approves, it’s also a smart idea to help each franchise build out their own micro-site, packed with useful pages optimized for their area and audience. When every franchisee tailors their targeting in cooperation with the others, each individual branch has a much better shot at dominating the organic search rankings in their own market — which can increase website visits by as much as 4,900 percent.

Step 7: 

The world’s digital ecosystem is evolving at an ever-accelerating rate. Brand-new apps, social platforms, and technologies appear nearly every month; and some become so popular that your brand can’t afford to ignore them. TikTok, for example, was considered a minor “test market” as recently as 2020 — but users now spend more time there than on Facebook, attracting major ad spend from brands that consider the platform a crucial target for their social campaigns.

Whether your brand decides to advertise on TikTok or not, the point remains the same: to maximize the impact of your franchise marketing strategy, you’ve got to speak to your audience segments about the topics they’re interested in, on the platforms where they’re most engaged. And since those topics and platforms are constantly changing, the only way to stay relevant is to keep a close eye on content trends — and encourage your franchisees to do the same in their own local areas.

Google Trends is a great place to start. This free site allows you to view volume charts for any term that people type into the world’s biggest search engine. It even lets you compare the popularity of several search terms over the same time period, within specific geographical areas, so you can make more informed decisions about which terms to target. This information can help your franchisees take the initiative, by posting relevant, on-brand content about the week’s hottest topics.

It’s equally helpful to track trending hashtags on all the social media platforms where your brand is active. Top tags will keep you up-to-date on the latest topics of conversation and can inspire your franchisees to chime in with clever, relevant responses. Using a popular hashtag can even boost your social visibility, by increasing your posts’ likelihood of showing up in search results. Just make sure that, unlike some bumbling marketers, your franchisees fully understand the context and meaning of any hashtag they plan to use.

Step 8:

Once your franchise marketing plan starts delivering results, it’s time to dive into the numbers. Google Analytics can help you figure out where each franchise’s clicks are coming from, which keywords are driving the most traffic, which branches have low call-to-lead ratios, and how visitors behave on each branch’s website.

All this info will help you pinpoint roadblocks in each franchise’s marketing funnel, and improve current and potential customers’ experiences with your brand. And while studying metrics can be dry, number-intensive work, it’s well worth the time investment — since businesses that learn from their analytics are 72 percent more likely to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Successful franchise marketing requires significant investment, and it takes time and patience to get right. But by supporting communication between franchise owners and the corporate level, you’ll enable franchisees to deliver meaningful customer experiences, maintain excellent public relations, drive positive reviews, and fuel strong word-of-mouth that’ll keep potential customers coming through their doors. Coordinate these elements into a unified franchise marketing plan, and you’ll soon start licensing more franchises, and scaling your brand into a household name.

Get Your Free Franchise Marketing Plan Template

If you are looking to establish a marketing strategy for your franchise, this template can be customized to your needs, simply enter your email and we will instantly send you the template.

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A Video Marketing Strategy for Facebook – YouTube

A Video Marketing Strategy for Facebook – YouTube

A Video Marketing Strategy for Facebook

A Video Marketing Strategy for Facebook – YouTube: For businesses nowadays, social media marketing and its return on investment (ROI) are nearly mandatory. As a result, many businesses employ Facebook video marketing to communicate with consumers and prospects.

Content intended towards promoting products, services, or the brand itself falls into this category.

According to Cisco, the video will account for Eighty Two per cent of all internet traffic by 2022. Are you ready to compete in this industry?

Here are some of the current Facebook video marketing methods for attracting leads and increasing conversions.

1. videos created by users

2. presenting the product

3. instructional videos

4. a look behind the scenes

5. a rallying cry

Videos created by users

What your consumers say about your company will have a significant impact on its future. This is especially true for brands that sell to consumers (B2C).

Customers can be loyal if the correct steps are taken. They will wish to demonstrate their loyalty if they are loyal. They will openly spread the goodwill of your brand with their friends and relatives. So, how happy are your customers with your product or service? You might be able to find the answer to that question by looking at the number of recommendations you now get.

video marketing strategies

Hootsuite defines User-generated content (UGC) as any content provided by individuals, whether text, videos, photographs, or reviews.  Customers’ videos frequently result in actionable reactions. These can range from videos of consumers discussing the benefits of your products/services to customers expressing their pleasure at receiving the products they ordered.

People who have a favourable opinion of a company will perform better than those who have an indifferent opinion. People’s social interactions can also make or damage a business. A lot is dependent on people’s viewpoints.

Hashtags and contests are excellent ways to encourage user-generated content since they guarantee customers a win. Under user-generated content, brands can also create hashtags. This will encourage others to use it and to trust each other.

Showcase of products

For e-commerce enterprises, the product showcase strategy is recommended. This is a Facebook video marketing strategy that emphasises your products and services. They emphasise the numerous advantages of the brand’s products and services, as well as the content.

This sort of marketing is typically used to launch new items or raise awareness of existing ones. With captivating captions and well-constructed images, the product presentation method performs nicely. Content that is tailored to the product’s target market yields the best results.


Tutorials demonstrate how to use a product or set of products. They reduce the product’s complexity and make it more user-friendly. To excite the audience’s curiosity, brands employ video marketing to show people how to examine the authenticity and application.

As a result, curious viewers might try the same method to see whether they achieve the same results. It’s a win-win situation for the brand if they do. If your company sells ingredients for cooking or mixing drinks, for example, you might develop content that shows consumers the various types of recipes they can try. You can also utilise tutorials to walk users through the features and operations of your SaaS product.

What goes on behind the scenes

This is a strategy that has recently gained a lot of traction. Brands are now showing videos of office desks, lunches, and product production. Mostly to humanise their workforce and demonstrate their ethical and environmentally friendly methods.

A glimpse into the brand’s daily life can be found behind the scenes. This may be a video of products being delivered to a customer’s door to demonstrate efficacy in real-time. Behind-the-scenes Facebook marketing videos are designed to convey particular messages rather than enlighten customers.

This method can be used to debunk stereotypes or make counter-claims about the brand.



With promotional videos, call-to-actions are particularly common. When making a promotional film, you should tell the viewer what to do next. Tell him what he needs to know. This is the most effective technique to convert a passive viewer (only watching for amusement) into an engaged user.


Facebook videos provide a variety of ways to present a brand to potential customers. However, the effectiveness of this method is contingent on your habits and willingness to try new things.

According to research, 79.9% of internet users use their mobile devices to access the internet. This means that your Facebook videos must be compatible with mobile devices. For Facebook, make vertical videos rather than landscape videos. If you’re repurposing a video from another channel, ensure it’s appropriate for the platform and target audience.

Collaborations are an essential component of any YouTube marketing plan. Creating joint video material with other YouTubers in your niche will help you reach a wider audience and develop your YouTube channel.

Your YouTube banner is a perfect place to incorporate some useful links. This area can be used to include connections to your website, other social media accounts, or even an auto-subscribe prompt. Put the most critical aspects of your company front and centre.

Google appears to prefer video results, particularly those from YouTube. As a result, if you devote additional time and effort to optimising your YouTube videos, you will rank on the first pages of Google search results and establish authority in this field (we will talk more about this later).

Marketing Strategy for YouTube in 2020

This demonstrates how different YouTube’s products are. YouTube Kids, for example, is an app that allows kids to have fun while being safe and in control. Users can also use YouTube’s recommended videos feature to find videos they enjoy.

Place the most important keywords at the top of the page. Save the numbering of episodes or segments of a series for the end. YouTube permits up to 70 characters, but we recommend keeping it to 60 or fewer. Your title will be less likely to be chopped off in suggested videos, search, and mobile results if you do it this way. It is forbidden to use excessive punctuation, capital letters, or rude or obscene words.

video marketing strategies

Marketing plan for YouTube

Assume you operate a cooking channel on YouTube where you post fast recipe videos geared at folks who lead stressful lives. Because your audience is time-conscious, you’d keep your films short and sweet, much like the recipes. Keep in mind that each recipe in both films is around a half-minute long.
Statistics, trends, and video formats are all part of the Youtube marketing plan.

Your YouTube channel’s trailer, like a movie trailer, serves as a sneak peek into your channel. When a non-subscribed visitor arrives on your page, channel trailers begin to play automatically. As a result, it’s advisable to presume they’re unfamiliar with your site and, maybe, your brand.

As a transcription, I utilize my description. Above the fold, though, I included connections to my blog and social media. People will see links to my blog or social media accounts even if they don’t read the entire description.

Take a look at some of the most popular YouTube videos. You can learn a lot from these videos, even if they have nothing to do with your business or industry. Are these videos professionally produced or shot in a more informal manner? What is the average length of these videos? Is there a presenter on hand? Are there any special effects or text overlays?

Start tracking every mention of your business on YouTube by connecting Mentionlytics to your Hootsuite dashboard. You can track films made about your company, comments that mention you, and more with this application. Show your gratitude for favourable feedback and respond to lousy input as well. Customers love it when businesses listen to what they have to say.

It’s worth noting, though, that YouTube isn’t available in every country. In addition, some YouTubers are occasionally banned for breaking the platform’s online terms of service, and their content is erased.

Of course, establishing your target audience is a continuous process. Even as your channel expands, keep an eye on YouTube statistics (which we’ll go over later in this post) to see who’s watching your videos.

A tutorial to YouTube marketing strategy for beginners

One of the most critical components of your success is channel optimization. If you optimize your content effectively, you can get traffic while you sleep. To begin, you need to familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO). Begin by determining the keywords for which you want to rank in the major search engines. Determine what keywords and keyword phrases are relevant to your topic. You may find keywords using Google Adwords, Wordtracker, and Wordstream, among other resources.

India’s YouTube Marketing Services

YouTube videos span a wide variety of topics. People can discover anything they want on YouTube, so how can you capture their attention, get them to watch your videos all the way through, and maybe convert them into loyal subscribers?

Udemy’s YouTube Marketing Course

Keep track of critical metrics like subscription counts and viewership so you can compare your channel to others. See what keywords are used in the titles and descriptions. See what others are saying in the comments section of these videos. There’s a significant chance that their target demographic is similar to yours.

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Ranking in the Map Pack: Hands On Case Study Walks Through Local SEO for Multi-Location Company in ‘Spammy’ Niche

Ranking in the Map Pack: Hands On Case Study Walks Through Local SEO for Multi-Location Company in ‘Spammy’ Niche

How We Achieved Map Pack Rankings for a Multi-Location SAB


This case study will dive deep into the local SEO strategies that achieved map pack rankings state-wide for a multi-location business.  Listing visibility in organic search skyrocketed nearly 500%, which led to a 400%+ increase in phone calls year over year. This boost in calls enabled our client to expand to more than 10 locations across their state.

Our optimization transformed a messy, inconsistent brand into a state-dominating presence for money terms – even beating out .gov and .org sites in the SERPs. This client is now the top-ranking site state-wide for a variety of high-value terms, and each of the company’s numerous GMB listings ranks in the map pack for their respective cities.

 Let’s Recap The Results We Achieved for This Client

    • Nearly 2,000% increase in Google Maps visibility, which attributed to all customer actions increasing – phone calls, driving directions and visits on website.
    • Increased phone calls by nearly 400% for multiple locations. One location went from 127 calls to 580 calls per month.
    • 450%+ increase of their listing in organic searches, which drastically improved their online visibilty.
    • Secured map pack rankings across geogrids for money terms, as well as the #1 for high value keywords for all locations.
    • Our growth allowed our client to open additional locations and expand state-wide.

Here’s how we did it….

Optimizing Multiple GMB Listings

In the beginning of the campaign, we used our Accelerated GMB package to strengthen the brand foundation and the local listings. GMB listing optimization is included in all DFY GMB campaigns, starting with a local SEO audit and strategy plan. This includes reviewing listing type (brick-and-mortar vs SAB), categories, description, and industry features. 

Below you can see how we worked through each one of the these items for our client. Once the client completed the accelerated package, we moved to monthly maintenance and added custom tasks into the mix. Our local plan of attack included:

    • Ensuring Consistent Listing Types
    • Watching for Filtering (Possum)
    • Niche & Local Citations
    • Tiered Links for Stacked Signal Creation
    • GMB Category Optimization
    • Brand Foundation & Brand Signal Building


Consistent Listing Types

When we began working with the brand, they had a mix of legitimate and lead generation listings. Some listings were service area listings, while others had physical addresses, which confused search engines – a brand should not have a mix of listing types. Before we optimized anything, this had to be addressed. 

We worked with the client to create consistency across listings, clear up any fake listings, and reverify pre-existing listings where necessary. Once we knew the listings were consistent and following guidelines, we went to work optimizing.


Watch For Filtering & Overlap

Because of the mix of listing types, close proximity, and inconsistent information, some listings were being filtered.  This is a common issue in multi-location SEO campaigns as listings can compete with each other, causing one of the two to be hidden in results. To combat filtering, we went through each SAB listing and ensured there was no overlap of service areas. We also made sure that our service areas were fully covering the proper cities/counties to maximize local relevance for the brand overall.

Niche & Local Citations & Brand Mentions

Strong local SEO and citations go hand in hand. That’s why we implemented citation building, along with custom signals, for this campaign.

Because this was a multi-location business, the citation audit and cleanup was vital to ensure NAP consistency across all locations and assets. Consistent NAP citations may seem like a basic detail, but it is the basics that create a solid foundation for rankings.

The audit also allowed us to see which locations were lacking in citations. While every location doesn’t need to have the exact same number of citations, we wanted to make sure we were spreading the love around. We also had to consider the competition level of each location. For example, Dallas is a much larger city than Flower Mound and more signals are needed to maintain adequate visibility.

After we submitted updated information, we began building both structured and unstructured citations –  general business citations, as well as locally relevant and/or industry relevant citations. We found new citation opportunities through detailed competitor analysis that shows common citations among competitors. These are the gaps we began to fill.

Our process is to build citations in tiers, starting with the most impactful listings first. Once we have created all our essential citations, we then work on secondary citations. Keep in mind, secondary citations alone won’t move the needle, but they do support increased brand visibility and authority. Generally, our next step would be niche citations, but we don’t have a citation package for this niche, so we moved on to our Custom Signals to find additional opportunities.

Tiered Links for Stacked Signal Creation

After we built the essential and secondary citations, we used tiered links to boost the power of our citations. We used tier 2 links from news sites and budget link networks, but there are multiple tier 2 links to choose from. This tiered linking approach increased the authority of our citations, maximizing the impact of our optimization.

Using tiered links also improves indexation of citations. Most of the client’s citations were indexed quickly because of this strategy, which bolstered local rankings. We also included unique descriptions for each citation to increase indexation rates.

GMB Categories

When we began working with this client, they only had one category per listing, which didn’t fully leverage their GMB categories. During our competitive analysis, we identified the common subcategories among top-ranking listings, then implemented them on our client’s listings.

GMB categories are one of the most important listing features –  they’ve been proven to impact rankings in our Mad Scientist tests. But you also want to be careful not to add too many categories to your listing. For this client, we added both the primary categories and a few near match categories because our client operates within a narrow niche.

Brand Building & Brand Foundation Creation

To build and strengthen your brand online, we include multiple branding features in our GMB campaigns – brand foundation creation and brand boosting.

All of the above strategies combined to produce some pretty big increases. Here our some of the results of our local optimization year-over-year:

Local SEO ranking increases

SEO For Multiple Locations

In every DFY SEO campaign, we begin with a citation audit, backlink audit, technical audit and content audit. Once we know where the client stands, we review their online brand with Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines. This is especially important in restricted niches, which this client is in.

  • On-Page Optimization 
  • Content Silos
  • Inner Linking
  • Press Releases
  • Local & News Link Building 


On-Page Optimization

During the initial campaign strategy session, we identified the top level pages to be optimized. We based this on their highest converting pages and those that already had the most authority or relevance. Then, we plugged each into our on-page optimization workbooks to improve page features like:
  • Title Tag
  • Heading Structure
  • Meta Description
  • Image Optimization
  • Adding Keyword Variation

Below you can see the items we review in the on-page optimization portion of our DFY SEO campaigns:

On-Page Optimization for DFY SEO Campaigns from Web 2.0 Ranker

Content Silos

Keyword driven content was also lacking with this client. There was blog content, but a well thought out strategy was needed. We identified content gaps and laid out a content strategy to address these gaps. Each piece of content fit into a specific content silo in order to support rankings for top level service pages. 

Content silos not only supported stronger rankings, but also broadened the brand’s relevance to rank for more terms and expand audience reach. Many of the content pieces were created around informational intent, which started to build brand awareness early. In addition to the informational content, we also developed actionable content items for what to do if you’re in specific situations. 

Inner Linking

Internal linking is always an integral part of our on-page optimization strategy, especially for multi-location clients. Our campaign linked heavily between service pages, location pages, resources and blog posts. Nearly all content benefits from a proper internal linking structure.

Pay special attention to your anchors when linking. We laid out the referring page and specific anchor text for each and every link to ensure we didn’t overuse any one type of anchor text. Overoptimization of anchor text can counteract any work you’re doing, even when it comes to internal linking – make sure that you plan your anchors in advance where you can to avoid it.  We also ensured non-contextual anchors were updated to be more relevant to the target page. 


Local & News Links

We used press releases throughout the entirety of the campaign to boost authority and strengthen the link graph. We also used guest posts, custom signals, directories, sponsored links, and unstructured citations.

When creating a press release, one of the biggest factors for results is the press release title. On a live page, this is one of the most important elements. Make sure that you include your target term and a local modifier (for local brands) when making your title. The title also often becomes the URL, which is another impactful factor.

Create Co-Occurrence with Content

You can also use press releases, citations, and other links to create co-occurrence, which is exactly what we did with our client. We published content using variation and semantic keywords to associate our brand with these terms. The more content that referenced these variations, the stronger co-occurrence. We continued to leverage this strategy throughout the entire campaign and continue to do so. 

As you strengthen  co-occurrence for your main terms, you can begin to work in more long tail keywords that may be more distantly related to your brand. This will expand relevance and open the door to rank for more search queries. Ultimately your traffic, audience, and leads increase.

Custom Signals

Custom signals is an integral part of why this client is able to dominate state-wide. This outreach and link building allowed us to get in the map pack quicker and maintain these rankings. Our client was able to overtake strong competitors who were heavily investing in SEO by acquiring some of the same backlinks.

The custom signals service is at its core a custom link building campaign based on competitor link investigation. We use 10 hours each month to continually build local citations, links, and signals based on gaps with our direct competitors. This allows us to not only rank at the top, but to maintain these top rankings even if others are doing SEO. We can stay ahead of the curve and continually build links without a huge time commitment from our team. 

By including both local and niche related backlink research in our custom signals campaigns through the use of search modifiers, we are further able to maintain a competitor edge by finding citation and link opportunities that could benefit our brand but are not already linking to our competitors.

You can see below the massive maps increase that can be directly attributed to consistent custom signal creation.

Custom SEO – Patch & Social Posting

Leveraging social media helps to build your brand and increase your prominence online while further helping to drive engagement with potential leads. Google ranks brands, so working a brand boosting element like social media posting into our campaigns is a no-brainer.
We regularly post on Facebook and GMB for all locations, using Patch local classified posting for our most competitive locations. Facebook is great for brand building, but properties like Google My Business and especially Patch help to build local relevance around specific areas or neighborhoods.
Patch acts as a local hub,  allowing you to post pictures, bog posts, events, news and other relevant info happening in the immediate area. Monthly Patch posts are done for this client, focusing on a topic relevant to the niche. We also pay to boost the Patch posts for extra impact. Boosting is usually quite cheap, so it’s something you can work into a client campaign without eating up the budget.

Custom SEO – Local & Authoritative Website Features 

To strengthen local relevance and prominence, you need to leverage all applicable website features. In our experience, the more information you can provide to Google, the better. Don’t allow missed opportunities on client sites. Be sure to leverage all website features possible. For this campaign, we used:

  • Find Us Locally Section
  • County Pages
  • Local News
  • Relevant Points of Interest
  • Outlinks to Local/Niche/Authority Sources

Find Us Locally

The more trust signals you can include for a brand, the better off you are. On every location page we included a “Find Us Locally” to capitalize on trusted 3rd party reviews (signals). This strategy also highlights our 3rd party reviews, which Google uses as a local ranking factor.

You aren’t limited to only displaying review profiles either. Use the Find Us Locally section as a place to link to industry specific memberships that your brand is a part of, like the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) or attorney state bar association.

Below is a screenshot of the local review sites we used.

County Pages

We were able to build local relevance for areas that our client served but did not have a locally specific address through the use of county specific pages on the website. Each county specific page included:

  • 350-word intro using our supporting terms.
  • NAP for each client location in the county
  • Link to the location pages for our offices in the respective cities of that county
  • Industry-relevant points of Interest in the county
  • Keywords with local modifiers

We linked to each county page from the homepage of the site and included these in the main navigation. We also used the locations page of the website to add the address and an anchor for contextual linking for each of our locations. Then, these anchors were used to link to the corresponding location pages.

Here is an example of one county section on the homepage.

We created 7 county pages to cover the entire state. These county pages allowed us to expand our relevance and aided in dominating the local rankings state-wide. If you’re working with a brand that has multiple locations in a county, we recommend building county pages in addition to individual location pages.

Local News Posts

Including local news can broaden relevance by adding another layer of local content. But we didn’t link to external news sites. Instead, we created our own blog posts around local news. Each post focused on news that was locally relevant AND related to our niche. For our client, they are in the legal industry so we focused on news about the court houses, state laws, local committees and different law updates and changes.

Some examples of news posts include State Employees Left without Medical Leave, Jailhouse Witness Bill Turns into State Legislature, and the State’s Medical Marijuana Plan. Your local articles can be uploaded to the site at once and scheduled throughout the month for a more natural news drip, or you can add articles as relevant news becomes available. Even bulk publishing, we saw a positive impact to local rankings.

Relevant/Helpful Points of Interest

In addition to the local website features mentioned above, we also included relevant points of interest on each location page. Because this client is in the legal niche, we included the court house, Supreme court, court clerk office and appellate court on respective pages. For each relevant point of interest we included:

  • Name
  • Image
  • Website
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Hours
  • Public Parking Info

Outbound Links To Local/Niche/Authority Sources

As mentioned, authority outbound links are used in the Find Us Locally section added to the homepage. We included similar sections on some of our location pages for more competitive locations, as well as on our county pages.

Our client benefitted from the authority that these properties brought to their website, which added a layer of brand recognition and trust.

We also added authority and trust by linking to relevant points of interest like courthouses from our location pages. For this client, we linked to county websites, the Court Clerk, their local Chamber of Commerce, and Yelp. There are a wide variety of sources depending on your niche, so be sure to explore your options before linking. What are your competitors leveraging? Are there common outbound links amongst top competitors? These are all things you should look at while doing your competitive research.

Through our work, the client was able to expand their reach and open additional locations, nearly doubling their business since they came on board with us. Not only are they making more money, but the client now has a bigger budget to invest back into their business. 


Now that we’ve laid out our framework with state-wide domination, you’re equipped to achieve similar results for your clients. You can stay updated with our latest guidance by joining the Local SEO Community Facebook group or subscribing to The SEO Vault. Each week on The Vault we discuss SEO news, what’s currently working for us and current SEO tests we are running. There’s a plethora of knowledge available, so stay connected!

Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Dry Cat Food

Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Dry Cat Food

Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Dry Cat Food

Indoor Versus Outdoor Cat Food

Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Dry Cat Food: Apartment cats are more likely to groom in their spare time since they spend so much time on their paws. Excessive grooming isn’t as bad as it sounds (unless they injure themselves or lose hair). However, it can still result in unpleasant conditions such as hairballs. A proper diet could help to ease some of the discomforts by allowing the hair to be digested and removed more easily.

After learning about the environmental damage that outdoor cats can cause, some pet owners prefer to maintain indoor cats. Every year, domestic cats kill billions of birds and other animals, disrupting the local environment (and neighbours’ gardens) to the point where some cities have prohibited or limited the number of cats allowed in a home. Others choose to have house cats because they are fed up with witnessing dead mice and birds – or worse. The discovery that her outdoor cat had brought a live snake home with her astounded a Florida woman.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Dry Cat Food

By boosting your cat’s diet, you can compensate for some of the deficiencies in apartment cat food. Now and again, some fully cooked, lean meat will give her a protein boost. Consult your veterinarian about any vitamin supplements that your cat might require.

indoor and outdoor cats

The Cat Fanciers Association, animal welfare organisations, and others in the United States are continuously attempting to reach out to the public with the message that keeping cats indoors protects them from disease and other risks. Infectious disorders such as feline leukaemia, feline immunodeficiency, infectious peritonitis, and rabies, as well as accidents or deaths on busy roads and predator attacks, are all risks of living outside. Cats are kept indoors to safeguard their health and the lives of numerous birds that they would otherwise murder. Cats have reduced the numbers of several songbirds to the point of extinction in some regions.

Best Dry Cat Food For Indoor Outdoor Cats

When comparing the lifespans of indoor and outdoor cats, it is typically easier for pet owners to make a decision whether they wish to retain an outdoor cat. Apartment cats live about 10-15 years on average, while many live even longer, despite their tendency to gain weight. (One exceptionally privileged house cat in England celebrated its 30th birthday.) On the other hand, outdoor cats live only 2-5 years on average, owing to the health and safety concerns mentioned before.

One downside is that indoor cat food does not include as much protein as is required. Meat products are replaced with high-fibre vegetables to lower calorie content. This is beneficial for sedentary people who wish to reduce a few pounds, but not for a cat, an obligate carnivore. If your cat has a gluten allergy, this meal is a no-no. Cellulose, salt, poultry by-products, and flours are among the other ingredients in this cuisine.

Best Indoor Outdoor Cat Food

Along with Hill’s, Royal Canin is one of the most popular brands of veterinarian-recommended cat food. It has a large selection and outstanding customer feedback. Royal Canin appears to be a favourite among cats as well. On the other hand, this food is a little more expensive and contains a lot more plant-based elements than it should.

The first four ingredients in this canned meal are organic chicken, water, organic turkey, and organic brown rice. Organic carrots, cranberries, and apples are among the fruits and vegetables included.

catnip health benefits

“If meat and meat by-products are among the initial components, the food is likely to have enough animal nutrients to offer critical amino acids and fatty acids,” adds Kornreich. Cats, on the other hand, cannot survive solely on meat.

Granted, there are just a few advantages to allowing your cat to wander freely outside. The only advantages of this method are double-edged swords, as they come with risks that could compromise your cat’s health or result in an increase in stray cats if left unchecked. As a result, if you’re worried about your cat’s safety indoors, it’s best to leash it occasionally.

There are harnesses developed expressly for cats, such as the Red Dingo Cat Harness with Leash, for cat owners who want to get their indoor kitties out and about. They’re made to suit cats and prevent them from escaping, but they must be trained so that the cat is at ease and ready to leave.

Then there’s the traumatic experience of being on the road. I encounter a lot of cats who have been hit by cars in my veterinarian office. They may have merely suffered minor injuries. It’s also possible that they’ll sustain fractures or more severe injuries that are life-threatening or fatal. And I have several people who inform me from time to time that they have died in car accidents. So there’s a significant danger there.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Cat Food

If the carbohydrate content is a problem, you may need to calculate it yourself. The numbers you require can be found on the label under “Guaranteed Analysis.” Begin with 100. Subtract the amount of crude protein. Subtract the amount of crude fat. Subtract the moisture content from the total. Take away eight. This is the number of carbohydrates in the food. This should be less than thirty for a cat.

Indoor cat food is usually designed to have a lower fat content. A cat who lives outside should be fine with the food. There isn’t much of a difference. Indoor cats are typically less active than their outdoor counterparts, consuming fewer calories as a result.

two cats-eating

Is It Better For Cats To Be Indoor Or Outdoor

The goal is to provide a joyful and usefully occupied environment for the cat. If this can be accomplished and the cat does not persistently want to be outside, the cat will be much safer indoors. Even for chronic naggers, it’s preferable to seek distraction and entertainment rather than giving in to peer pressure and allowing them to live a short and harmful life outside.

Your feline buddy may be too passive or just a little less energetic than usual as an early warning sign of a parasite infection. He may be merely walking and moving more slowly than usual. Passive behaviour is another indicator. Due to a general malaise, you are lying around as if lifeless. All of these symptoms could indicate a parasite infection and should be treated as such.

How To Tell If Cat Food Is Healthy

Fancy Feast Broths are a good alternative for cat food containing real meat and many vital nutrients, yet they are not the most excellent choice for cats, according to many animal experts.

For cat food to be regarded appropriately labelled in the United States, it must first meet AAFCO’s state-specific criteria. AAFCO is a group of volunteers from government agencies who develop pet food labelling requirements. This organisation is also in charge of enforcing the restrictions. You may get more information about labelling and packaging rules from regulatory agencies in your area to assist you in choosing cat food.

Organic animals used in pet food must eat organic feed, be free of antibiotics and hormones, and access the outdoors. All of these standards must be documented and confirmed by a USDA inspection to acquire USDA certification. It’s impossible to know if a feed is truly organic if it says “USDA Certified Organic” on the label.

Micronutrients/nutraceuticals such as prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants are crucial to Wysong. They also included methionine, which helps to acidify the urine. To simulate the stomachs of prey, small amounts of fruits and vegetables were also added.

Spend as little time as possible studying the ingredient list. Sherry Sanderson, DVM, PhD, of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, states, “Animals need nutrients, not chemicals.” “You should be primarily concerned with the finished product’s nutritional content and less concerned with the ingredients you use.”

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Healthy And Happy

Many formulations also include pre-, post-, and probiotics to support healthy gut flora, which decreases inflammation, strengthens the immune system, and aids urinary tract health. Domesticated cats that don’t eat rodents or other animals aren’t exposed to the bacteria they’d come across in the wild. Use pre, post, and probiotics when you have the chance, especially if your cat has a sensitive stomach or has just taken antibiotics or other medications.

These barriers are meant to keep out unwanted factors while preserving the best flavours for as long as feasible. You can’t guarantee that the flavour of dry food will be kept if it’s stored in a plastic bag.

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is a cat-specific ailment. When the pancreas cannot create the digestive enzymes required for the cat’s regular food, this condition occurs.

Predators, automobiles, and disease harm outdoor cats, resulting in a substantially shorter life expectancy than apartment cats. Both wildlife and cats benefit from keeping your cat indoors. We recognise, however, that keeping a cat indoors is easier said than done. Turning an outdoor cat into an indoor cat can be difficult even for naturalists and experienced pet owners like myself, based on my own experience. I once tried to keep an outdoor cat indoors, only to have her start using my bed as a litter box until I allowed her out again. Don’t blame yourself if you find yourself in this situation; as I previously stated, our goal is not to disparage cats or cat owners; however, now that you’re aware of the impact cats have on wildlife, pledge to do everything you can to keep your cat indoors and to raise your next kitten as an indoor cat from the start.

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Plumber Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Plumbing Business

Plumber Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Plumbing Business

At Blue Corona, we know a lot about plumber marketing. In the past decade, we’ve meticulously tracked every single advertising strategy we’ve tried for our customers—a great deal of which are plumbing companies—which has allowed us continuously to uncover insights about what works and what doesn’t.

And because we’re so passionate about seeing small to medium businesses grow, we’re sharing those insights with you. Benefit from our years of study and keep reading to learn about the best ways to market your plumbing company.

Step One To Growing Your Plumbing Business: Understand The Modern Buyer’s Journey

Traditionally, the buyer’s journey was linear and driven by your sales team. Customers entered at the top of the funnel, followed a preset, linear, predictable path, and exited at the bottom. Thanks to how easily accessible information is in the digital age, that’s not true anymore. The modern sales funnel is a looping journey full of twists and turns as consumers follow their own, personalized path to purchase:

the best advertising for plumbers is a complete digital marketing strategy that hits all stages of the buyer's journey

The phases are similar to the old framework, and work like this:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration, along with the research and discovery loop
  • Purchase
  • Post-purchase experience and the loyalty loop

I’ll break down each stage with a real-world example. Pretend our consumer is Jane, a 35-year-old homeowner with two small children.

  • It’s 8:00 am and Jane’s shower won’t turn on – Awareness 
  • Jane grabs her phone and uses voice search to Google “shower won’t turn on” – Consideration
  • Jane skims two blogs that sum up potential reasons a shower won’t turn on – Consideration
  • Jane watches a YouTube video from a local plumbing company on repairing the diverter valve – Consideration 
  • Jane decides she better leave it to a plumber and Googles “plumber near me” – Awareness
  • Jane’s baby starts crying, so she quickly looks at the top three plumbing companies on the search results page and sees the one whose YouTube video she watched. She sees it has both a 4.5 review rating and an online booking capability, so she books an appointment online for later that day – Purchase
  • After her shower is fixed, Jane raves about the company on social media, and after she’s prompted from an email, leaves a review on Google – Loyalty loop
  • Jane’s pipes burst that winter. She saw an email newsletter from the plumbing company about what to do when pipes burst, so she follows a shortened loop and books an appointment online – Awareness, ConsiderationPurchase, and Loyalty loop

If you want more plumbing leads, booked jobs, and repeat customers, you need to connect with customers at every stage of this new looping journey. How you do that is with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that uses multiple marketing channels. Different marketing channels are better for different stages of the buyer’s journey, which is why you need a multi-channel approach:

best digital marketing channels and marketing ideas

Best Plumbing Advertising Channels and Marketing Methods to Increase Leads and Booked Jobs

The best advertising for plumbers includes the following marketing channels:

  • Directory and pay per lead sites (be careful with these–we are a fan of Google’s Local Services ads, but have a few choice words about other pay per lead sites)
  • Search engine marketing
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Your website
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Customer service (yes, you can leverage customer service as a marketing strategy, and we will show you how)
  • Review generation (this goes hand-in-hand with customer service)

Get the run-down of each marketing channel in this post »

  • FREE Competitor Analysis
  • want to outrank your competitors?

    Enter your website to see how you compare to your competition.

  • Try it – it’s FREE!

Directory and Pay Per Lead Sites for Plumbers

Are Directory Sites and Pay Per Lead Services Worth It?

At some point in the quest for more leads—like yesterday—you may find yourself tempted by directory sites like Angie’s List or pay per lead services such as HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, etc. Pay per lead sites  There’s nothing wrong with testing listings in directory sites or trying a pay per lead service; however, if you go this route, you want to do so with caution.

There are a lot of different ways to generate leads for your business—some more effective than others. In this article on pay per lead companies, I’ll walk you through a few lead generation options and explain why you should approach some of them with a fair bit of caution.

Angie’s List

Is Angie’s List a Good Investment for Plumbers?

If you’ve ever searched for “plumbers + [your city]” (the way many of your potential customers do) in Google, and you’ve likely noticed directory sites like Angie’s List dominating the first page of organic search results. No longer are Angie’s List commercials just taking up TV and radio ads, but they’re ranking—and ranking well—online where your website could be ranked. So…if you can’t beat them, should you join them? Find the answer in this post.

Can I Get Leads for My Plumbing Company Through Directory Listings?

If you’re wondering “Should I be investing in directory site listings?”, unfortunately, the best answer isn’t so straightforward. The short answer is “yes,” but there’s a huge qualifier that addresses the hidden cost of investing in directory sites. In this blog, we’ll detail the best practices for listing your plumbing company in an online directory, and then we’ll show you what you need to consider before making the plunge into that investment.


Is Yelp Worth it for Plumbing Companies?

When looking for a local home service company, you probably look for reviews. And your customers do the same thing! Yelp is one of the most popular directory sites due to its easy-to-use mobile app and its focus on reviews. So how can you leverage it for your plumbing business? We detail the smartest way to use the platform here


Tips on HomeAdvisor for Plumbers

HomeAdvisor connects homeowners with prescreened plumbers who offer the specific service they’re looking for. Follow our tips for using the site to put your best foot forward and stand out from the competition.

Google Local Services

How Google’s Local Services Ads Work

Google’s Local Services ads dare relatively new, but worth testing—the results we’ve gotten for our plumbers have been encouraging, to say the least. How it works is advertisers choose from a list of services for their industry. When a person’s search matches criteria for those services, your ad will be eligible to show. It hasn’t rolled out everywhere in the United States, though. To apply (or express interest if your market isn’t available yet) either go to the Local Services website or contact a Google Premier Partner agency (like Blue Corona!) to help you apply directly with Google.

Search Engine Marketing for Plumbing Companies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

online marketing to help grow your business and get mroe leads

How to Get Your Plumbing Company on Page 1 of Google

At Blue Corona, we service all industries, but we specialize in the home services, specifically plumber SEO services and PPC for plumbing companies. We have a proven pay per click setup and management system specifically designed for the plumbing industry, and our SEO specialists have extensive experience helping plumbers like you get more qualified traffic. Get some insight into our strategy in this post

How to Rank in Cities Where You’re Not Located

As the owner of a plumbing company, you want to see your business grow. You know that you can do this by expanding your web real estate—but have you noticed that your pages aren’t showing up for Google searches in the areas that you provide service to? You will need to put in some extra effort to spread capture rankings over multiple cities or states. Here’s how you do it.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Local SEO

If you’d prefer for people in your service area to find your business when searching for your services—what plumber wouldn’t?—there’s a whole long list of ways to make that happen. But let’s start with three of the easiest ways that you can boost your company’s local SEO right now.

How to Get Your Plumbing Business to the Top of Google’s Local Pack

A full 97 percent of consumers go online to find local services, and searches with local intent frequently trigger Google’s local pack.  If you want your business to show up in the block of local map listings in Google’s search results, there are a few things you need to do. Learn how to get your plumbing business to the top of Google’s local pack here. 

Does My Website Need a Blog?

if you're expanding your plumbing business you need a blog

Keep in mind that Google ranks web pages, not whole websites—so as part of maximizing your online real estate, you need to have pages for all your lines of business and more specific pages related to those services (i.e., emergency plumbing service, drain cleaning, camera pipe inspection, etc.). But your service offerings end at some point. So what do you do? We’ll explain here.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Is PPC Worth It For Small Companies?

In order to determine whether PPC advertising (or any other marketing strategy) is worth it, you have to know your numbers. If you own a plumbing company and you’re willing to pay $200 per sale and your lead-to-sale conversion rate is 50 percent, you should be willing to pay $100 for a lead. If you then find out (through accurate tracking) that your website converts 10 percent of pay per click visits into leads, you’d know that you could afford to pay up to $10 per click. Click here for more practical tips on how to evaluate your need for PPC marketing.

  • FREE PPC Analysis
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Do People Actually Click on Paid Ads?

With current tracking capabilities, if companies weren’t seeing positive ROI, they wouldn’t be running ads, and pretty much every major brand runs AdWords ads with Google. But while the above data points that in general, paid ads are effective for getting clicks through to websites, we understand that marketing strategies and budgets are not one-size-fits-all. Click here for a more in-depth discussion.

Plumbing Websites

consumers use a website to interact with your company. to get more plumbing leads, you need a website

Make Your Website Fast, Secure, and Mobile-Friendly

Your plumbing website is your most important marketing asset. In order to increase plumbing leads and grow your business, you need to make sure your website is able to be found in search results, loads quickly, and is both secured and mobile-friendly.

How Fast Should Your Plumbing Website Be?

Speed matters, especially when it comes to your website—40 percent of users will abandon a web page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. When users aren’t satisfied with the experience they’re getting, they know they can hit the “back” button and try again. Learn more about how fast your website should be here.

Why Your Website Should Be Secured (HTTPS vs HTTP)

If you don’t have an SSL certificate, you need to get one ASAP—84 percent of users would abandon a purchase if data was sent over an insecure connection, and people expect their information to be safe on your website. Having a secured website helps boost your SEO rankings, not to mention it helps prevent your business from getting hacked. See five more reasons you need to be HTTPS here.   

What It Means to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website (and Why Your Plumbing Company Needs One)

the best advertising for plumbers includes a mobile friendly website

If your website doesn’t look like it was built to be used on a mobile device, you need to get it tuned up—as of 2017, more than half of all US online traffic comes from smartphones and tablets and 57 percent of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Learn more about what makes a website have a mobile-friendly design here.

Tips for Building a Better Plumbing Website

If you’re running a small- to medium-sized plumbing company and you want to grow your business, you can learn a lot from watching industry trends and monitoring the top sites. But we know you’re probably already wearing too many hats, so we’ve put together the Cliff Notes version. Check out these tips based on common mistakes we see plumbing companies make or learn more about we can design you a new plumbing website.

Social Media for Plumbers

plumbing marketing strategy for reviews


Facebook Tips for Plumbing Companies

Facebook marketing for plumbers isn’t just a way to pass the time and keep in touch with friends. This form of plumbing social media marketing is used every day by businesses like yours to generate qualified leads. But it takes a combination of data-driven strategy and consistent effort to do it right. In this post, we’ll show you where to focus your efforts.

Best Facebook Ads for Plumbers

Facebook paid ads do work for plumbing companies—and we can show you how to make them work for yours. We’ve hundreds of social media campaigns for plumbers, and can show you how to successfully get more:

  • Visits to your website from people in your service area
  • Website conversions
  • Facebook business page likes
  • Likes on your posts


How Plumbing Companies Can Leverage Instagram

Want to spread brand awareness and create loyal fans of your plumbing business? You should! Instagram is a surprisingly effective way to do that. In this post, we’ll show you nine effective, proven strategies for leveraging the platform.

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Email Marketing for Plumbing Companies

How to Stand Out in an Email Inbox

Email marketing campaigns offer a highly effective way to promote your products and services on a consistent basis. Your audience has already opted-in to receive your content. They’ve shown interest in your company, so give them what they want! Sending a regular email newsletter is a cost-effective way to ensure your company is constantly in the minds of your customers—which is right where you want to be.

So how can you get your email newsletter to stand out amidst the hundreds of other emails your customers are receiving weekly? Let’s find out.

How to Nurture Customer Relationships Through Email

At the end of the day, the most important thing for any business owner is that you’re making money. But to grow your plumbing business, you need to increase the number of leads you are getting. The more leads you get, the more sales you’ll make. And this is where email marketing can really make an impact. Your goal should be to figure out what your customers’ needs and wants are and use your email newsletter to fill the void. In this post, we’ll show you how.

Video Marketing

How Important Is Video to Growing a Plumbing Business?

Video marketing is no longer a trend, it’s mainstream. U.S. Internet users spend an average of 15 hours each week with digital video, and Cisco predicted that video will even make up 82 percent of all internet traffic in 2021.  If you haven’t started investing in video marketing, you’re already behind the top plumbing companies in the U.S. Not only are internet users consuming more online video than ever, they’re changing the rules about creating video and animated content. Learn more about why you need video marketing here.

how to use video to grow your pllumbing business

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise On YouTube?

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is where it’s at. Video advertising on YouTube is both effective and affordable. How affordable? You can typically expect to pay less than a dollar per video view, depending on a few key factors. Producing videos has also gotten a lot more affordable thanks to advanced video technology and the introduction of smartphones. No longer do you have to shell out $50,000 for a professionally produced commercial—with today’s technology you can create 20 high-quality professional videos for less than that. Find out how much it costs to advertise on YouTube here

Recruitment Marketing for Plumbers

Using LinkedIn to Hire Great Talent for Your Small Business

According to a Pew Research Study of Americans who have looked for a new job in the last two years, 90 percent have used the Internet to research jobs and companies. This study did not just include millennials either like you might be thinking—job seekers ages 30 – 49 (and even some 50 – 64) engaged in online research before applying.

However, in a recent study that Blue Corona completed of more than 500 small to medium-sized businesses that analyzed their digital footprint, 20 percent didn’t even have a LinkedIn company page. That’s the first solution to this problem—companies need to have a visible profile that is complete and informative to job seekers.

How to Use Glassdoor to Grow Your Company

Many business owners cite hiring and retaining employees as a major struggle—in fact,  48 percent of small businesses report there are few or no qualified applications for the positions they are trying to fill (according to NFIB). However, Glassdoor brings the talent pool to you—if you have a company profile, that is.

Customer Service As a Marketing Strategy for Plumbers

Great Customer Service Is a Marketing Strategy

Too many companies treat customer service as an afterthought, and they’re making a terrible mistake. The #1 most effective long-term growth strategy any plumbing company can employ isn’t content marketing or SEO, it’s top-notch customer service. Learn how to make the most of it here

The Power of Consumer Reviews88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal reviews

Personal recommendations create the most reliable leads, and 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family members. As if that’s not enough, 97 percent of consumers read online reviews before making a buying decision in 2017. Basically, unless you want to run your plumbing business into the ground, you need a reliable method for consistently generating new reviews (like Review Us Now, our proprietary lead generation software). Learn why reviews are important here.

How Should My Plumbing Company Handle Price Shoppers?

Have you ever been in the office and overheard your customer service representatives’ (CSRs) calls, only to realize that many of the conversations revolve around the price of a toilet installation or tankless water heater repair? If you’ve felt disheartened as these price shoppers waste your CSRs’ time and don’t convert into paying customers, we’re here to encourage you to take heart—price shoppers don’t have to be frustrating time wasters. If your CSRs have the skills to properly handle them, you can turn these leads into customers

How to Execute Your Plumbing Marketing Strategy

If managing all of these options seems like a lot of work, that’s because it is! Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Do what you do best—manage your plumbing company—and let Blue Corona handle every aspect of digital marketing on your behalf as your virtual online marketing manager!

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Most Connected Cities in America

Most Connected Cities in America

Staying connected has been a lifeline for many during the pandemic, facilitating work, socializing, schooling and entertainment.

According to data from Statista, there are approximately 313 million internet users in the United States, with an additional 276.8 million people using their phones to access the web. As the USA’s internet usage surged to record levels during the pandemic, and with over 90 percent of Americans having access to online platforms, we started to wonder…which towns and cities have the best connection rates in America?

To work this out and reflect the standard of Internet and Cellular connectivity in the US, we took into consideration the number of WiFi hotspots, access to 3G, 4G, and 5G, and the average broadband speed across all 50 US States to determine which places in America are the best overall for connectivity.


For those who love the energy of a big city, we collated a list of the most connected cities with a population of over a million people.

If you are looking for a town or city with a large population, Chicago, Illinois comes out at the top spot. With an average broadband speed of 1,000 Mbps, a huge 2,574 free WiFi hotspots, and 5G connectivity available in all areas of The Windy City, it’s no surprise that the state is ranked first.

Texas cities dominate the next three spots, with the city of Houston ranked second in the list, Dallas coming in third, and San Antonio taking fourth place. The state manages to maintain the WiFi and broadband infrastructure of other big cities such as New York and Los Angeles despite having a significantly smaller population; so much so that it’s one of the most common states found in the top 10.


If you are looking for more connectivity and fewer people, then look no further than Miami.

Florida cities dominate the top two spots, with Miami taking first place. With almost 4,000 free WiFi spots and 5G available throughout the entire area, you’ll never be far from an Internet connection. With a smaller population than St. Petersburg which sits in second place, there’s always plenty to go around.

Moving from the East to the Midwest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin is third on the list. Wisconsin has access to high-speed broadband at 1,000 Mbps as well as 5G availability in all areas, meaning you can be active online across various locations with ease.


Not only does Florida have five cities and towns offering the largest number of places with the best connectivity, but they all rank 16 and above.

Texas and Ohio are both home to three connection-friendly places, whilst Wisconsin has two, both in the top five!


To reflect the standard of Internet and Cellular connectivity in the USA, we analyzed three-core different factors affecting this including WiFi hotspots, access to 3G, 4G, and 5G in each American city, and the average broadband speed:

  • WiFi Hotspots –
  • Broadband – com
  • Cellular Connectivity –

We then created a scoring methodology to weighting these different factors.

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Urban Techniques For Surviving In A Chaos-Infested City

Urban Techniques For Surviving In A Chaos-Infested City

Urban Survival Techniques Thriving In A Chaos-Infested City

I am terrified about surviving in the metropolis. Simply put, there are too many people crowded into limited places. However, it is just for this reason that I prepared. Rather of evading your concerns, face them.

To begin, let us define what Urban Survival is not. The definition of urban survival differs somewhat depending on who you ask. Many people take it to imply “urban survival and safety strategies,” which are sometimes referred to as “street smarts.” However, for the sake of this debate, I will use the following definition:

The ability to withstand a large-scale, long-term disaster in a densely populated urban area (even if only for a few days).

Ability to live in the beast’s innards equates to ability to survive in the city. Surviving a catastrophic catastrophe in the heart of a dangerous city requires a completely different mindset. Additionally, you’ll need a set of survival skills, tools, and strategies to stay alive.

Even if you do not live or work in one of these 146 populous counties, you may have a family relative who does. Perhaps you frequently go to a neighbouring high-density population city to see your children, friends, or relatives.

urban survival skills

The bottom line is this:

Are you equipped with the urban survival skills and information necessary to conceal and survive if SHTF and you live in a city or are travelling for a little period? You may be required to remain for several days or weeks. Are you aware of how to properly handle such a situation? The survival methods employed in cities are markedly different from those employed in the wild. Both ought to be mastered. As a result, we shall address the following topics relating to urban survival today.

Return to Your Residence When disaster strikes, the first goal is to return home (unless your home has been destroyed). And how is this possible? Because it is where the majority of your survival equipment and supplies will be stored if you are well prepared. However, if you are unable to return home first, they will be of little use. You should plan to spend time away from home in the event of a disaster.

You could be. However, nothing should be taken for granted. This premise will aid you in planning for such an occurrence. That is why you must have an emergency pack that is well-stocked.

A BOB is a large backpack that is kept at home and contains virtually every item of survival kit imaginable. It is utilised for survival following a disaster (typically in the woods).

On the other hand, a “go home bag” is compact, lightweight, and uncomplicated. At the very least, you should have one of these bags, but many individuals like to have several in various locations. One for the car, one for the workplace, one for the boat, and so on. A homing pack should contain a range of specialised survival items that will aid you in returning to your base of operations.

 The point of a Get Home Bag is to help you Get Home, duh!

emp survivalThis critical survival item will offer you an advantage when you are away from your base and the world around you is in chaos. Specifications for the Location of the Rendezvous What if your home base is destroyed or dangerous once you’ve retrieved your get-home bag? Do you have a contingency meeting location? Have you communicated this place to your relatives and friends? If you are attempting to survive an urban catastrophe, you may not have the opportunity to contact your relatives and friends to coordinate a meeting location.

Children may be enrolled in school. You may be at the dentist while your partner is at work in another area of town. It is best to plan ahead and establish a meeting spot in advance. However, it must be a distinct place; if everyone forgets where the meeting will be held, it will fail. Monuments, schools, or the home of a trusted friend are all possible locations. This critical survival item will offer you an advantage when you are away from your base and the world around you is in chaos. Specifications for the Location of the Rendezvous What if your home base is destroyed or dangerous once you’ve retrieved your get-home bag? Do you have a contingency meeting location? Have you communicated this place to your relatives and friends? If you are attempting to survive an urban catastrophe, you may not have the opportunity to contact your relatives and friends to coordinate a meeting location.

Children may be enrolled in school. You may be at the dentist while your partner is at work in another area of town. It is best to plan ahead and establish a meeting spot in advance. However, it must be a distinct place; if everyone forgets where the meeting will be held, it will fail. Monuments, schools, or the home of a trusted friend are all possible locations.

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7 Reasons Scale-Ups Earn Investments, According to HubSpot’s Founder

7 Reasons Scale-Ups Earn Investments, According to HubSpot’s Founder

Every successful company starts with a single idea.

It’s how those ideas are approached, molded, and questioned that dictate whether or not they go on to evolve into a startup.

However, reaching startup-dom doesn’t complete the lifecycle of these ideas. Instead, becoming a startup is the moment when ideas begin to grow into something actionable, driven by a collection of intentional goals.

And as all of us who have lived the startup life know — when you’re a startup, more often than not your goal is simple: to survive.

I like to think of being a startup as treading water. Succeeding as a startup requires constant motion to ensure you can find product-market-fit, drive early customer growth, and build a baseline product all at the same time. The moment you stop moving is the moment you lose traction.

And this is all before you’ve even begun to scale.

Fortunately, there comes a point where you’ve treaded water long enough to reach your first lifeboat: Investments.

That’s where it gets exciting.

As startups move from idea mode to scaleup mode, there are a number of signs I look for in order to determine if I’m going to invest. Of course, not every scaleup has to get every one of these signs right to be worthy of investment, but the more positive signals a scaleup has to offer, the higher the odds of long-term success for that organization.

So, what is the secret sauce that these special startups have?

Access Free Resources to Help Your Company Scale

7 Signs that a Scaling Company is Worth the Investment

While scaling is a universal concept, the act of scaling efficiently rarely looks exactly the same for all companies.

Instead, each scale-up encounters their own unique trials, speed bumps, and roadblocks on the path to sustainable growth. When I am looking for scaling companies to invest in, I always take into account the individual circumstances of each company in the context of their growth to see whether or not they have set themselves up for long-term success.

As an investor, these are the core values I’ve seen that have proven to be present at companies with growth potential.

1. There’s evidence of customer happiness.

The customer experience doesn’t lie. In fact, it’s become a key part of GTM strategies at companies like HubSpot, which are investing in Chief Customer Officers and finding more ways to serve the customer across the organization. That’s all to say — the customer should be at the center of every decision.

For evidence of customer happiness, take a look at the NPS (Net Promoter Score) and other customer satisfaction scores of the company in question. If the results are in the green, you’re looking at a scale-up that is already making a positive impact on their customers. If instead the results are in the red, investors take warning.

Another way to determine customer happiness is to look for low or decreasing churn. A company’s retention rates are the first sign that they are either a fan favorite, or a stepping stone that customers take on their way to a more prepared company.

2. The organization’s primary roles have great people.

In the early years of a startup — when the primary focus is on the product — other roles like sales, marketing, and operations aren’t typically fully staffed. However, this practice doesn’t cut it when it comes to scaling.

When you’re a scale-up, these roles should be filled with amazing people. If not, there should at least be a plan in place to hire them.

After all, the potential of a scale-up lies in the potential of the people who are dedicated to its growth.

Without staffing all of the necessary teams with top talent, you could be unknowingly stunting your company’s growth. In the early days at HubSpot, Brian and I surrounded ourselves with people who were smarter than us, and invested in people we believed in. (Somehow they weren’t all developers, like I requested … but I digress …). Those investments paid off, big time, and we’re still surrounded by those people today.

3. Unit economics are stable and sustainable.

Of course, no one expects scale-ups to already come with an impressive ROI. A vanity metric or single data point isn’t exactly enough to convince an investor that your scale-up is worth their time and money. Instead, what I look for is stability and sustainability.

To be primed for viable growth, your customer lifetime value should be some multiple (usually 3+) of your customer acquisition cost. What this number will tell me is that your company is not only desirable by your customers, but that you already have what it takes to retain them and continue to gain value from them as they grow with you over time.

Scalability and sustainability are two sides of the same coin. With the ability to establish sustainable unit economics early on in your lifespan of startup-hood, you’ll be primed to scale when the time comes.

4. The culture of the organization is well-articulated.

Company culture is not something that appears overnight. Instead, it’s embedded in every decision your company makes and in the people who work at your organization. Every organization has their own specific company culture, but some are better at articulating theirs than others.

Company culture encompasses your mission, vision, and values and is the mark of a company with what speaker and author Angela Duckworth has coined as “grit.” Grit is “the power of passion and perseverance,” which translates nicely to what makes startups successful — having a clearly defined passion, and the perseverance to achieve the long-term vision.

Of course, to be effective, your company culture doesn’t need to be composed in a slide deck with 128 slides, but it should be written down. This way, when potential investors like myself take a look at your scale-up, we won’t have to spend our time guessing the motives and shared vision that drives your organization. Instead, we will be able to see how your culture guides decision-making across your organization.

It’s a good idea to begin defining your culture sooner rather than later. Company culture provides a stable jumping-off point for most of your initiatives, including recruitment, retention, and alignment. The greater understanding you have of your culture, the more efficiently you’ll be able to create a shared vision for your organization.

If your company culture could use a tune-up, take a look at HubSpot’s Ultimate Guide to Company Culture.

5. There’s a strong focus on creating customer value.

There’s a reason why I’m so intent on investing in companies who keep a close eye on their customer value. By continuously integrating customer feedback and preferences into your scale-up, you’ll be more prepared to proactively create customer value, as opposed to operating in a purely reactive state.

The companies that succeed today are no longer those that just delight their customers sometimes, but rather those that consistently find ways to exceed expectations and create a personalized experience.

Ultimately, the best way to maintain a strong focus on creating customer value is to open up a line of dialogue between yourself and your customers. If you haven’t yet, take this as a sign to begin establishing your means of gathering customer input.

Start by asking yourself questions like:

  • How is your team getting customer input and acting on it?
  • Beyond customer support, who else is focused on the customer?
  • Is there a customer success team?
  • Have you defined the voice of your customers?
  • How is your customer involved or represented in your business’ decision-making?

6. The company has a strong strategic planning process, and knows how to determine product priorities.

Remember what I said earlier about the importance of creating sustainable systems? The important thing isn’t that the planning process works seamlessly and is already primed to scale.

The emphasis is on the fact that there is a process and mechanism in place for making these decisions at all.

Trust me: A disorganized planning and priority-setting process makes it impossible to scale.

The process of scaling is all about proactively setting your company up for future successes. When you have a clearly defined planning process, you’re communicating to any potential investors that you are looking to the future and priming to scale.

As an aside, while you’re evaluating your processes, take a look at your systems. Are they built for scaling organizations? Will it be easy to upgrade when you’re ready?

7. The organization has an engaged workforce.

Last, but certainly not least, the final sign that a company is scaling sustainably and worth investing in is the satisfaction of their employees.

An unhappy workforce is a red flag (for new hires and investors alike). Not only should a company have a process for regularly collecting employee feedback, but they should also have a proven record of responding to and acting on the results of the feedback they collect.

A handful of disengaged or unsatisfied employees is typical, but a collection of them becomes a trend to be prevented at all costs. If you experience high turnover rates, you’ll want to fix that quickly — it’s impossible to scale without investing in the long-term growth and development of your employees.

At HubSpot, we have an eNPS (employee NPS) survey that we conduct every quarter for all employees. This way, we are consistently in tune with their needs and preferences, so we can provide employees with the supportive work environment they deserve. We read and evaluate every comment and are constantly looking for ways to improve our employees’ experience.

To begin conducting comprehensive employee surveys of your own, here is Everything You Need to Know About eNPS.

And there you have it! The secret sauce I’ve noticed in startups with real potential to scale, and what they did to stand out.

Whether I am actively looking for new companies to invest in or not, I always have my antenna up to notice exciting new scale-ups. To invest in sustainable models that support growth at your organization while prioritizing your customer experience, download our guide to Scaling Sales Operations for Customer-Centered Growth.

scaling showcase

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