SEO Updates – March 22, 2024

SEO Updates – March 22, 2024

First, our SEO test library launched, including pretty much every test we’ve ever conducted. Explore recent tests to get insight for better SEO campaigns, and even submit your own ideas.

Our Spring SEO Sale kicks off on Thursday with daily deals to brighten each day.

🔬 SEO Mad Scientist 🔬

Welcome back, scientists!

Approximately 45 days after we last reviewed our custom signals test…

Previously dormant terms were now moving into the top rankings!

Even better, we identified which signal features are pushing the rankings.

 Custom signals demonstrated they’re a promising strategy for enhancing local reach, but not all signals are created equal.

Find out which characteristics to look for in signals that move the needle in Mike’s video below:

🧑‍🔬 SEO Mad Scientist Podcast 🧪

Episode 4 of The SEO Mad Scientist Podcast is a lively one, with many tests discussed!

From mastering link building strategies to decoding the nuances of on-page optimization, we’ve got a treasure trove of test insights waiting for you. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this one.

Watch the episode below or listen here.

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SEO Updates – March 15, 2024

SEO Updates – March 15, 2024

We could all use a little boost…

That’s exactly what you get with our supercharged press releases – over 100 new syndication partners. 

Standard, premium and do-follow PRs can now maximize your reach with +550 syndication partners.

🔬 SEO Mad Scientist 🔬

In our ongoing pursuit of refining SEO strategies, we’ve conducted an in-depth review of our Mini Networks Test…

Inspired by the concept of geo networks from several years back, this test builds mini networks comprised of branded web 2.0 entities, linking to our company’s map listings and website.

We hypothesized that these networks, tailored to specific geographical areas, niches, and brands, can significantly impact both local and organic rankings.

But you’ll have to watch the video to see the initial results…

Dissect the mini nets test with Mike in the SEO Mad Scientist’s last video:

🧑‍🔬 SEO Mad Scientist Podcast 🧪

Wonder about mini nets vs. PBNs? Mike & Alex discuss the implications of our mini networks test during episode 3 of the SEO Mad Scientist podcast!

Watch below or listen as we unpack real results, discuss the competitive edge mini networks offer, and share key strategies for leveraging them effectively without breaking the bank…

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SEO Updates – March 8, 2024

SEO Updates – March 15, 2024

PBNs are often called into question, so we began retesting their effectiveness. 18 days after the links were live, we saw interesting outcomes from our PBN map embeds test.

Want to know more? Keep scrolling down to dive into the details and watch Mike’s in-depth video review of the test setup, results, and implications.

5 other SEO tests are currently running, so keep your eyes peeled for other updates on the SEO Mad Scientist Podcast.

🔬 SEO Mad Scientist 🔬

We deployed 50 PBN map embeds alongside various other tiered links, targeting keywords like “solar panel service” and “solar panel installation.” These links were all finalized by February 20th. Our focus was solely on building links to the listing – there were no direct links to the website.

After the initial implementation, we observed movement in rankings within a week or two…

Keywords like “commercial solar contractors” began to show positive movement. Residential keywords also experienced significant improvements, suggesting a broader influence of PBNs beyond our target terms.

The similarity in performance between both residential and commercial keywords was intriguing. This hints that Google recognizes a broader relevance beyond just the specific keywords mentioned in content.

These test results confirm the content of PBN and tiered links collectively influence rankings, but we plan to conduct more targeted tests to refine our insights.

Dig deeper into our PBN test in Mike’s video below:

🧑‍🔬 SEO Mad Scientist Podcast 🧪

In our most recent episode, we explored how you can build local relevance with YouTube videos and descriptions…

Everything from the test setup to video formats and description links is covered in detail. Watch below or listen on your favorite podcast platform.

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SEO Updates – February 23, 2024

SEO Updates – February 23, 2024

Want to dig even deeper into how we’re influencing local rankings with YouTube videos, maps, and driving directions?

Mike walks through the YT test in even more detail – video format, links included, geogrids, and deeper data analysis…

Heads up – our Q1 Webby is right around the corner!

Today at 12 pm EST, Mark will cover in-depth on-page optimization strategies – sharing insights, laughs, and a few secrets.

🔬 SEO Mad Scientist 👩‍🔬

Our newest podcast episode is live and packed with actionable insights to boost your campaigns:

  • Increase Organic Rankings & Reach with Press Releases
  • Build Local Relevance with YouTube

Watch below or listen on your favorite podcast platform.

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SEO Updates – February 16, 2024

SEO Updates – February 16, 2024

We recently sent out an email with crucial details regarding your campaign data. In preparation for our dashboard migration, we are clearing out a decade of campaign reports and we need you to download yours. Going forward, all completed and canceled campaigns will need to download reports within 7 business days. After that, campaign reports will be removed. But don’t worry, reports for on-hold campaigns won’t be deleted.

🔬 SEO Mad Scientist 🔬

Unlock the secrets of organic reach with press releases! The SEO Mad Scientist dives into the power of press releases this week – watch the video below to get the scoop…

Get insight into how to best use press in your SEO campaigns with Mike’s press test review.

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SEO Updates – February 9, 2024

SEO Updates – February 9, 2024

We’re revamping the podcast completely…

The SEO Vault will focus more on SEO testing, providing you with valuable and actionable insights, rather than just discussing the SEO news (or lack thereof).

Our Valentine’s sale starts this week, so keep your eyes out for some savings!

💰 Shifting To SEO Testing Focus + New Schema & Proximity Test 💰

The SEO Vault: Episode 225

Dive into our latest SEO tests with our new episode!

This week, we explore:

  • YouTube strategies for local rankings
  • The importance of anchor text for geographical relevance
  • Schema Markup and Topical Relevance testing
  • Correlation vs. causation

Elevate your SEO testing game by catching the episode here or tune in on your favorite podcast platform!

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SEO Updates – February 2, 2024

SEO Updates – February 2, 2024

The big news this week is Mike’s full test analysis and recap video of our “Can you rank with just optimized content” test.

Our Q1 webby is just around the corner, Feb. 26th at noon EST. Mark will be dishing out actionable tactics that are working right now –  based on testing and trends we’re seeing in our campaigns.

🔬 SEO Mad Scientist 🔬

We’re switching things up this week. Instead of writing about our conclusions from this test, Mike is showing you…

Watch Mike’s full recap and conclusion to be sure you’re using the most effective content tactics.

💰 AI’s Role In The Future + New Tools & Trainings For 2024 💰

The SEO Vault: Episode 224

Our latest SEO Vault episode delves into the broader impact of AI, covering Google’s tech trajectory, its influence on smart homes (& search), and the potential it holds for reviews and local search.

+ Tiered discounts are making a comeback in the APP Program!

🌟 Tune in now on your favorite podcast platform or watch it here.

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SEO Updates – January 26, 2023

SEO Updates – January 26, 2023

If you haven’t read our 2023 SEO Mad Scientist Test report, dive into recent experiments covering faster indexation, the impact of AI, CTR, and more.

💰 How AI Integrations Impact You + SERP Changes & Content V Links SEO Test 💰

The SEO Vault: Episode 223

The only major SEO news recently was the new SERP features being tested – snippets for product listings and local images. So episode 223 of the SEO Vault focused on AI…

🤖 Explore AI’s implications and insights, from the ever-evolving uses for ChatGPT to the new Rabbit AI device. It’s a quick bite packed with a punch.

Catch the episode on your preferred podcast platform or watch it here.

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SEO Updates – January 19, 2024

SEO Updates – January 19, 2024

We’ve just released the 2023 annual SEO mad scientist test report, which includes our previous updates on this custom signals test.

🧪 Dive deep into the world of SEO, covering everything from Faster Indexation of Citations to AI replacing SEO work.

🔬 SEO Mad Scientist 🔬

How Referencing Keywords in Citation Descriptions Can Impact Rankings

The primary focus of the original test was on insulation terms. But insulation is included in the brand name, and therefore the listing. This slightly clouds the test results for terms including “insulation”.

However, we did find correlations between other terms that were included in the citation descriptions, but not referenced in the listing.

“Can Foam”:

We were ranking for both “can foam service” and “can foam service Littlestown, PA”.

When we search “CanFoam service Littlestown, PA”, our test listing, homepage, and the can form page is ranking at the top.

We also see some of our signals that referenced the “can foam” ranking. This term is not included anywhere in the listing, yet the listing still appears in the SERP. This demonstrates a strong brand association with the service, which was likely supported by our signal creation.

We can definitely say that the citation references were the driving force behind the rankings though since there was a dedicated page for it, and the term was mentioned in other parts of the website.

Soundproofing Littlestown:

We did find one service term used in citation descriptions that wasn’t mentioned on the homepage of the website or the listing – soundproofing. Month 1 is the only month we didn’t reference soundproofing terms in our citation descriptions. All months after that there were at least a few citations referencing soundproofing.

When we searched “soundproofing littlestown” our homepage and GBP listing were ranking. There was a strong brand association with this service. But there was also no soundproofing page on the website.

All citations built linked to the homepage, which could explain why we were seeing the homepage rank for a term that wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the homepage.

However, we assumed one of the 3 service pages that mentioned soundproofing would be ranking above the homepage…

fiberglass insulation page – 3 references

  • 1 mention in a paragraph
  • 2 mentions in a structured list

cellulose insulation page – 6  references: 

  • 4 mentions in paragraphs ad
  • 2 mentions in the structured list

mineral wool insulation page – 3 references

All mentions were only in structured lists or paragraphs. There was no mention in headings, URLs, page titles, or other prominent references.

We did see other keywords included in citation descriptions also ranking higher, but those had dedicated pages on the website. Soundproofing was one of the only ones we could find that didn’t have a page, which is why the results were so interesting.

While we didn’t have comparison data for the GeoGrids, organic rankings showed a correlation with the citation descriptions.

More testing is needed to better isolate the impact of citations on rankings – both local and organic. There are too many influencing factors in this current test.

Watch the full video update here to see analysis on additional keywords and deeper insight into potential explanations:

Happy testing!

The SEO Mad Scientist testing team

💰 Better Understand SEO Campaigns w/ Algorithm Annotations & Robust Data Views 💰

The SEO Vault: Episode 222

For all you data lovers out there, our latest episode of the SEO Vault (Episode 222) is a must-listen.

Mike shares insights on custom GPT applications and some interesting real-life use cases. Plus, learn how you can add algo update annotations, SEO product annotations, and custom annotations over your Google Search Console data.

Lastly, we discuss the results of our Custom Signals test. The results showed the citation descriptions have some impact on local rankings.

Catch the episode on your preferred podcast platform or watch it here.

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