A Simple Guide to SEO Reseller Packages


You work hard for your clients. You’ve established a solid relationship and they have confidence that you can help them achieve their goals.

But they have a need you just can’t fill.


Every business should be investing in SEO these days, and most marketers and business leaders know it. If you don’t have the expertise or tools to provide top-rated SEO services, your clients may look elsewhere.

Luckily, you can provide those things without hiring expensive in-house expertise. You just need an SEO reseller package.

This article will tell you all about what to expect from an SEO reseller package and how to find a good one.

What is an SEO reseller package?

An SEO reseller package provides expert SEO services that you can resell to your clients.

With 49% of marketers agreeing that organic search is the most profitable channel, SEO is a need-to-have service, not a nice-to-have service.

That’s why 63.6% of businesses actively invest in SEO, and why the global SEO services market is expected to reach a value of nearly $86 billion by 2023.

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A lot of your existing and potential clients will expect a marketing agency to offer SEO work.

Luckily, you don’t have to be an SEO expert or employ one to provide this in-demand service. You can find an agency that specializes in SEO and has an SEO reseller program. You’ll then sell their services to your clients at a marked up rate.

When these services are packaged under your name, it’s called white label SEO.

Who should consider an SEO reseller package?

The businesses that join SEO reseller programs are usually marketing agencies or business consultants that have established relationships with their clients.

They already provide high quality services in other areas and want to add SEO to meet growing client demand.

What are the benefits of an SEO reseller package?

SEO resellers offer a mutually beneficial relationship. You’re bringing business to the SEO agency, and in return they cut you a good deal on their high quality SEO services.

Here are the big ways it benefits you.

You keep your clients (and keep them happy)

You have a strong relationship with your clients, but without SEO, not all of their needs are being met.

As much as they like working with you, they may eventually be lured away by an agency with more comprehensive offerings.

An SEO reseller package helps you keep your client list. Even better, your customers will be thrilled to get SEO services from a partner they already trust.


SEO reseller package pricing varies depending on the expertise of the agency and the services offered.

But it’s almost always a better deal than your other options.

Some companies contract with an SEO agency or freelancer by the hour. A freelancer would be the cheaper choice, but an individual expert can’t offer the broad expertise and manpower that an agency can.

If you choose to pay an agency by the hour, it gets expensive fast. The average SEO agency charges $134.66 per hour. The ones with the most expertise and the best reputations will likely charge more.

What about an in-house SEO expert?

Bad news: the average salary of a senior SEO manager is $76,069 — and that employee won’t even have the full skillset for agency work.

Keep these figures in mind when you shop for an SEO reseller package. Chances are you can get a much better deal.

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Access to experts and tools

We’ve established that in-house experts are expensive. To get a good ROI from providing your clients with SEO, you’ll have to cut the cost.

You could always give SEO a go yourself. But no matter how much you learn about it, you can’t compete with a team of specialists who are completely focused on Search Engine Optimization.

Furthermore, SEO agencies use a variety of tools for optimization, link data, website analytics, and more. Many of the tools are proprietary and the others tend to be costly. Partnering with an SEO agency lets your clients reap the benefits of top tools with no extra subscription fees.


Let’s say you hire a freelancer to write an article each week for your client. Pretty soon, the client wants 10 articles per week plus link building and a technical audit.

Your freelancer doesn’t have the time to write more articles, nor do they have the needed expertise in other important areas of SEO like link building.

What do you do — hire more hourly freelancers? Bring on an expensive in-house specialist?

You hire a new employee, and word gets out that you offer high quality SEO. Now you have several new clients knocking on your door, willing to pay for your SEO service.

But your in-house expert has a full plate. What now — hire another $76K employee or reduce the hours your current staff can spend on each client?

With an SEO reseller package, your SEO services scale easily.

When you have new clients or the needs of your existing clients grow, an entire team of experts has your back. They can scale down to providing a few articles or scale up to full services.

You might even get better pricing from the SEO company as you grow. Reseller programs are based on mutual growth for you and your reselling partner. In some cases, if you bring in more clients, the rate of your SEO reseller package decreases.

Productive hours

SEO is not your main thing and that’s OK. You have other core competencies that keep your clients coming back.

When you partner with an agency to take SEO off your plate, you have more time to focus on your own areas of expertise.

Your clients receive hours of extra effort with very little additional work from you.

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What services are included in an SEO reseller package?

Google uses 200+ factors to determine how a page ranks.

In other words, SEO is complex.

It requires a broad range of skills ranging from improving website speed to optimizing local business directory listings.

A good SEO reseller package will include all the major branches of SEO that your clients are looking for. Talk to a potential SEO agency about whether they have expertise in the following areas:

  • Content development
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Industry-specific SEO
  • Analytics and reporting

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Let’s look at a few of these.

Off-page SEO (link building)

If you want to rank in the top results on a Google search results page, you’re going to need external links.

In the early days of SEO, those links didn’t have to come from reputable sources. People paid link farms or used other black hat techniques to gain backlinks. But Google gets better at differentiating spammy links and links with authority every day.

SEO professionals know that quality is more important than quantity for link building. An SEO reseller package should include the ability to develop an authoritative backlink profile for your clients. Effective SEO agencies have tools to identify relevant link prospects.

SEO for your clients’ industry

If you specialize in working with clients in a specific industry, you should find an SEO company with experience in that field.

For example, ecommerce companies will do best with an SEO firm that knows about optimizing platforms like Magento, Bigcommerce, or Shopify.

If your clients come from a variety of niches, the SEO reseller company should be able to provide industry research to help them be competitive. SEO should always be tailored to a company’s unique needs.

SEO reports

SEO is a long-term project. Businesses that outsource SEO should still know what’s happening each step of the way.

An SEO reseller package should include regular reports from the SEO provider. This might include keyword ranking reports, link building reports, website analytics reports, or others.

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Since 2009, we have helped many agencies and businesses white-label or resell our services under their brand. Let us do it for you!

How to choose an SEO reseller package

Not all SEO agencies are the same and not all reseller packages have equal value.

The SEO company you choose will ideally be a long-term partner and an integral part of your agency’s offerings from now on — so research carefully.

Here are some things to look for in an SEO reseller service:


74% of business owners consider an SEO provider’s reputation to be “very” or “extremely” important. That’s because the companies that get results (and are easy to work with) leave a trail of happy clients.

You’ll want to work with an agency that has been in the SEO business for a long time. Look into their testimonials and whether they’ve received positive attention or awards from reputable industry organizations.

A truly esteemed company will have more than online reviews. You probably have a lot of contacts in the marketing world. Ask around and see if anyone you trust has an opinion — good or bad — on an SEO firm.

Don’t be afraid to ask the SEO agency itself for relevant case studies or references. You can contact these clients yourself to make sure they have a positive impression of the firm.


Some SEO reseller programs make you pay a joining fee. The best ones are free and easy to join and can get you up and running almost immediately.

Talk to SEO companies about whether they offer volume pricing. Volume pricing means that the more clients you refer to the agency, the better price you get. This can be really important for cost-effective growth of your business.

Also look into how you get paid for bringing clients to the SEO agency. For many businesses like yours, receiving payments reliably and in a reasonable time frame is essential to operations. Find out if the SEO firm provides quick turnaround.

SEO skills and resources

Make sure you’re providing clients with real SEO experts who have access to useful tools.

There are SEOs out there who are stuck on ineffective or outdated techniques. If you aren’t familiar with the basics of SEO, either brush up on it before you talk to potential SEO resellers or bring someone along who is knowledgeable. Ask the company about the techniques they use and the tools they have at their disposal.

It’s a big red flag if supposed SEO experts can’t tell you the details of their work.

Shady agencies are quick to guarantee page one rankings or say they have a secret formula. Real SEO professionals know that Search Engine Optimization requires knowledge and hard work, but the techniques are no mystery. They will tell you exactly what they can do for your clients.

The best way to find out if an SEO company has what it takes is to look at their recent results. Again, ask for relevant case studies with real numbers.

As we mentioned above, SEO has a lot of moving parts. Talk to the agency about their specialties. They should know about all the types of SEO discussed above. If you specialize in a particular niche or industry, they should be knowledgeable about that.

Communication and support

Once you’re part of an SEO reseller program, how are you going to attract new clients with your SEO services?

A good SEO reseller package should include sales materials from the SEO agency that you can pass along to your clients.

Once your client has been connected to the SEO agency, communication should be clear and regular. Talk to the reseller service about how they’ll approach a new or potential client.

Ideally, they’ll review the client’s website and provide a proposal for how to proceed.

See if your potential SEO partner provides dedicated account managers. Do both you and your clients know who to reach out to at the agency?

In Conclusion

An SEO reseller package is a cost-effective way for you to sell your clients expert SEO services without breaking the bank.

This keeps your clients happy because SEO is essential to modern digital marketing. And it makes you happy because you can scale up your offerings without hiring more employees or putting in a lot of extra work.

For the best SEO reseller experience, choose a partner with proven results, beneficial pricing, and a plan for communication.

Let the 2020 SEO Agency Of The Year Help Your Clients

Since 2009, we have helped many agencies and businesses white-label or resell our services under their brand. Let us do it for you!

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