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  • SEO Mad Scientist: More on GMB Short Links & Ranking Signal Updates

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 71

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Special Guest: Brandon Leibowitz

? Search Console Google News Performance Report
? Google SMITH Algorithm Is Not Live
? Focusing on one SEO tactic can hurt overall results

? Google Counts Links On Noindexed Pages?

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At Web 20 Ranker, we believe in giving back to our clients and our community in any way that we possibly can. In fact, we make several donations every year to children in need, thanks in large part to the kindness of our customers and SEO Community.

For Christmas 2020, we chose to give back to the Make-A-Wish foundation, with 10% of the day’s proceeds on Christmas day being donated directly to the charity.

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SEO Mad Scientist

Hey SEO scientists. Hope everyone had a great week and you’re ready to get into some SEO test results.

First, we wanted to start off by testing something that came up on The SEO Vault yesterday, and that was vanity GMB URLs. If you set it and build links to the URL, and then change it, all links are lost.

We’ve never actually tested this but the issue was brought up on the live so we wanted to try it for ourselves.

I thought if this is the case, then Google would most likely change it as it could lead to a bad user experience. I used my listing Shine Car Title Loans hine-loans

That is the second vanity URL change. The original URL was “shine-car-title-loans” which now points to a Google search page with the terms…

Link: fact, you can put any word after that URL to access a search result, even without a hyphen: milas
Another thing to note is when we tried to change a different GMB short name to “shine-car-title-loans” it appeared Google wouldn’t allow it and locked the name.
So changing the URL will break any links by sending them to a Google Search but no one else will be able to use that URL in the future it seems. Some things to keep in mind when changing your vanity URL after building links to a previous vanity URL. Now let’s look at our test from last week. Specifically, our remodeling tests listing.. If you remember, we pretty much-added bathroom remodeling terms to every part of the listing except the GMB categories and business name. Still, we see no movement on the remodeling keywords but we did notice in our reports…
To be clear, these terms showed prior to adding our bathroom remodeling keywords but we found it interesting that we showed for appliance repair when we had no reference to appliance anywhere. This shows that GMB relevance is possibly “guessed” by the algorithm similar to a webpage when Google first crawls it. As mentioned last week, if we were to add a new service to our business, what GMB optimization would be required to start ranking. In the Chicago SEO listing we have, we tested adding “telemarketing” terms as a new service, in the description, and everywhere we could.No movement was seen at all until last week we finally added “Telemarketing service” to our categories and about a week later we saw some initial rankings.
Nothing major but if you have been following along to this point then you know so far nothing has made a Geogrid show any rankings until setting the category. This further reaffirms our findings that that GMB name and categories are the biggest contributing factors to rankings for on-site listing optimization.We do have to consider the fact that the geogrid only shows the top 20 listings and as we saw with the service area, by adding it you may be allowed to show in other listings and different areas but from our findings, we didn’t get anywhere near the top 20. There is a chance that a lot of these signals are being taken into account but are basically just giving us the opportunity to show in the SERPs as opposed to providing any real ranking boost.Of course, more tests will give us some more insight as well.See you next week with test results and SEO Mad Scientist findings.Until then,Happy Testing!Get Your Free Campaign Recommendations Today!
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