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SEO Mad Scientist: CTR Testing 2nd Update

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 93

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Co-Host: Sophie Allen + Mike Milas

? Google June 2021 Core Update Finished Rolling Out On Saturday, June 12th

? Google Page Experience Update Rolling Out Between June 15 & End Of August
? Now Live: Google My Business Performance Report Direction Requests & Website Visits

? Google Tests Refinement Bubbles In People Also Ask
? Google: Quality Is A Site Level Signal

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Welcome back to another week of the SEO Mad Scientist updates. This week we’re going to be doing our second update on CTR tests. Specifically today we’re going to be doing the second update on a test we started reviewing last week.

If you don’t remember we were testing CTR to a GMB listing. Very basic CTR test using a tool and targeting our main keywords, “print shop” and “printing”. You can check out the previous test here:

We set up a few searches a day to search our target keywords as well as some brand terms and then click through the GMB into our GMB site.

Initially, we had seen a slight drop in rankings for a few of our terms but as of doing the update last week where we were about a month into the test, we had started observing some upward movement for a few of the target terms. Specifically, our longer tail terms that we were performing CTR for as opposed to our base category terms that looked like they still hadn’t seen much improvement.

We are at about a full month into the tests now and when this second update we are starting to see some interesting changes compared to our original baseline Geogrids.


Of course, we still could be observing regular movement but as of now, all we’ve done is created the listing, generated the GMB site, and set it as the listings website with 3 services added.

So it is unlikely that there would be much movement for the listing outside of possibly the CTR.

If we are in fact seeing SERP increases from the CTR campaign at this point, then we would expect to see the same increases follow through to next week. If this is just SERP fluctuations due to the algo, then it is more likely we will not see anything definitive in our next update.

Join us next week when we break down the exact details and tools that we used to run this test and get the final results for our month of CTR testing.

Until then, Happy Testing!




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