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SEO Mad Scientist: Did We Crack the Exact Match Brand Code?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 64

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? Years in Business Spotted on GMB Listings
? Google Local Adds Messaging Button To Google Posts
? Possible Google Update. GMB Suspensions Possible on the Rise

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SEO Mad Scientist


Hi there SEO testers!

This week we are looking at exact match and partial match GMBs again because after last week’s review of the Miami listing along with our other test variations we think we have a good understanding of what (as in keywords), or should we say how the benefits and filtering mechanisms work.

We are going to do things backward today and before going over the data, let’s talk about what we believe we are seeing first, and then tell you why.

Two observations from last week are that
A. Having your exact keyword as your GMB name helps with terms that are similar to the exact Keyword.
B. Having your keyword as your brand doesn’t seem to help base terms within the keyword or keyword variations. In fact, these terms could possibly drop from the emphasis on the term in your brand name.

So far we have only tested keywords with a geo modifier, but what this tells us more than anything is that having a location in your GMB name, gives you keyword relevance for that location term, but does not give you more prominence for your terms in that exact location.

So what about partial match brand GMBs.. How does that help specific target terms if at all?

What we found is that regardless of being the exact keyword or partial keyword, there are two main things Google looks at to “give relevance” to the EMB or PMB for a specific search term.

First, does the term contain a majority of the brand (60% or more), and second, what is the order of the search query terms. Almost like, what is the likelihood someone tried to search for the brand but put it in the wrong order…

If there are additional competitive/keyword terms that are not present in the brand but used in the search query, it will not gain relevance from the term in the brand. Also, more noticeable with a PMB or our longtail keyword brand tests, search queries that had the keywords from the brand in a different order, were less likely to see gains.

Ok, so that might have been a bit confusing but the fact is, every test we ran we knew almost exactly what keywords were going to benefit or possibly get hurt due to any given exact match or partial match brand name, so let’s look at the data…

A quick recap of last week, the brand was “Title Loans Miami” and all base terms with three words in it “title”, “loans”, and “Miami” all showed gains. Our base terms with just “title loans” did not show any gains, and possibly showed some pullback

In the second test, we changed a GMB to a more longtail term “Best Title Loans of Hialeah”…

The first thing we saw is the gains for the terms “title loans Hialeah” and “title loans in Hialeah”, but didn’t see the same effect when we look at “Hialeah title loan” keywords.



When reviewing all the terms and additional EMB and PMB GMB name change tests, we found the same thing. When our brand was the exact keyword and the query was the exact brand, in any order if the exact terms showed gains (ex. Brand name is “city keyword” and the search is “keyword” city)…
The biggest takeaway is understanding how using a keyword in your brand name will impact rankings, and even better, knowing how to use a term in a brand most effectively.

If your target is “New York Personal Injury Attorney” then the brand “My New York Legal Personal Injury Attorney” would help the primary term as opposed to “Personal Injury Attorney in New York”…

The understanding of the data is difficult to comprehend but are confident this is what we see happening. If you have any questions about this test, let us know in the Facebook group.

Until next time…

Happy Testing!



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