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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week
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SEO Mad Scientist: ℍ?? ???? ?????? ????? ????????? ????????

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 100

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Co-Host: Mike Milas
Special Guest: Jessie Taylor + Bucky Helms + Danielle Windsor

? Google Removes Safe Browsing As A Google Ranking Signal
? Google Tests Discussion Carousel
? Google Says To Use One Sitemap File For Google News
? Google Says Core Updates Can Sometimes Impact Image Search And Local Search

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Welcome to another week of the SEO Mad Scientist. We missed you last week but we’re back with some new test updates and something that we don’t believe we’ve seen anyone test before.

You know from previous tests that we have looked at emojis in various ways but we wanted to see how Google used other Unicode characters outside of the basic alphabet on your keyboard.

If you want to learn more about these characters and how they work you can look at the tool we used for our test here:

Essentially there are over a hundred characters you can input into your computer and some of them are letters and some of them are symbols. The keyboard uses the most common but there are other letters that you could technically type and so we wanted to test if Google looked at these the same way or differently.

Here are some examples of the different characters:

The different characters are unlike different fonts in that they will not lose the way they look from platform to platform but, they are not the actual characters that you type in on your keyboard.

? is different than ?.

So let’s start off by looking at the way some of these are indexed.

We use the special characters in page titles and metadata to see how they were indexed in Google and interestingly enough some were displayed as regular text.

Some didn’t index, however…

If characters like ??????????? are able to be indexed as “words” but ?????????? , are not. How does the use of these other characters impact relevance? Are they even taken into account when it comes to something like keyword density?

If we did an entire page with these types of characters that were indexable but not the standard characters, would that impact the rankings ability at all?

More importantly, does the use of these special character variations help with rankings?

We took a page that we currently have ranked for various terms and decided to add various pieces of content that were relevant throughout the article, using the different types of text that we knew were indexable…

We then had the page recrawled and are now tracking the SERPs.

Be sure to join us next week where we take a look at our special character test and see if our ranking terms went up or down from the added special content.

Until then, Happy Testing!

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