SEO Updates – September 22, 2023

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Welcome back! This week we’ve got an entirely new test set up that focuses on the ranking impact of on-page techniques, including:

  • On-page optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Consistently producing topically relevant content

We built an entirely new website focusing on TV mounting services in NYC. This website included 32 pages of content + 2 blog posts per day.

The website launched September 1st with our testing team consistently adding new, topically relevant blog posts. That’s it. No link building, just content and on-page optimizations.

After 3 weeks, you can see the overall impact. Screenshots were pulled yesterday (Thursday).

We are starting to see the website rank organically for locally relevant keywords – quite a few actually.

These initial results were achieved without link-building or other efforts. We’re not surprised to see relevance start to pop, but some of these organic rankings are higher than we expected, especially considering the target area.

We will continue to produce content and report the results to you in the coming weeks.

Until next time,

Happy testing!

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