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SEO Mad Scientist: Why Did Our Test Index Weird?

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? Google Search Update Upsets The Automobile Industry
? Google Maps Adds New Image Carousel Overlay For Businesses
? John Mueller – Adding Canonicals Can Help Solve Small SEO Issues
? Google Aims To Make Search Help Documentation More Clearer And Direct

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Welcome back to another week of the mad scientist. If you missed last week’s indexation test you’ll want to go back and check that out now because this week we’re going to be returning to a failed test from 2 weeks ago that didn’t instant index properly, which actually led to last week’s test.

We found that all types of hidden content on a page are indexed but for some reason, in our previous test the content was not indexing the same as in our single variable tests.

First, let’s take a look at how we had set up the test that didn’t index properly.

We were using a different Unicode instead of what is the standard keyboard Unicode. We also took content from the top 3 ranking sites in the SERPs and put it together in our hidden Unicode content. This led to the on-page content being 3 times longer than the top-ranking pages. In the past, we’ve had good results with this because it would bounce to page one and then be filtered out due to the duplicate content. We were hoping to get around the filter with the Unicode but that test is old so there is a chance that having this much content on the page could also have affected indexation in the current algorithm.

There are a few other variables here that could be taken into consideration on why it did not index properly.

When digging further over the past week we noticed that eventually we did see it index for the hidden Unicode. We check this by putting the Unicode sentence in quotes and we should find our site.

Still, we aren’t showing number one when doing this with the unique code which is odd because from our previous tests we’ve seen that Google looks at the Unicode as unique.

Another thing to consider is that we put some original content at the top of the page and the unique code that was hidden underneath it. So the order the content appears on the page can also be a factor.

To see how these variables impacted things we are taking the old test and changing the URL and re-indexing it while changing some of these variables to see how it affects the indexation as well as rankings of the new URL.

We changed the URL to our Unicode as well as the H1 on the page first. We previously used regular text for this.

We also took our content from the other pages and remove all of it but the content from the top-ranking page, reducing the amount of content drastically.

Finally, we moved the hidden content to the top of the page so Google thought we would be crawling that before calling our unique content at the bottom of the page.

We then submitted to Google and waited for the results…

You can follow along with the page as we wait for the new URL to be indexed. Make sure to join us next week as we look into the final results and draw some conclusions on our findings.

Until then, Happy Testing.

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