SEO Updates – November 17, 2023

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Hey SEO Mad Scientists!

We’re back with a quick update on our Custom Signals test.

It’s been nearly a month since the signals were built and the 2.5km grids aren’t seeing much movement.

While we saw one additional node jump from 20+ to 11 in the “insulation services” grid, this doesn’t really constitute a measurable improvement.

So we moved on to the next step…

On Tuesday, 11/14 we completely optimized the GBP listing. We plan to circle back next week to see the impact of the optimized listing.

Then, in a couple of weeks, we will complete our 2nd month of signal building.

We hypothesize that the newly-optimized listing combined with a second round of signals will generate more movement.

But we will wait and see…

Thanks for tuning in,

The SEO Mad Scientist Team

💰 Ranking Impact Of Press Releases SEO Test, How To Find Authority Press & More 💰

The SEO Vault: Episode 214

The ranking impact of press releases has been long debated… 

In this week’s episode of the SEO vault, we circle back to a PR test we ran months ago to check how rankings fared. So if you’re wondering about the impact of press on SEO campaigns, don’t miss this episode.

We also cover recent Algo updates, how to find authority press mentions, and how to redefine your content game, including using AI content tools!

🎙️ Ready to dive in? Watch the episode, or listen on your favorite podcasting platform.

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